I’m still here… I guess.

How are you, everyone?

I suppose some explanations are in order, since I haven’t updated this blog since September 2018. What can I say, it’s all my fault if I haven’t been dedicated to writing reviews lately. There are a few things going on in my life that made me put this site on hold (let’s say it like this), one of them being my upcoming graduation. I’ve been working non stop to pass my last exam and it’s next June, while preparing my thesis. All of this while also working here and there. I try to read books in the breaks between things or when I go to bed, but sometimes I just can’t, because I fall asleep too soon. This is why you haven’t seen much of me these past few months. There wasn’t much to review or the will to do it. But I decided to get back on my feet and continue posting reviews. After all, I started this blog just for that, and it’s sad to leave it like this because I tend to review on Goodreads. Yeah, silly me. Anyway, thanks to everyone who has read my blog so far. I’ll try to keep it updated!

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