Book Review: Fling Club by Tara Brown

This is the first book I read by Tara Brown and it surely won’t be the last. I was attracted to this story because I like plots where we see the fake lives of the élite, and this reminded me a bit of some TVshows I like such as Gossip Girl for example, and it isn’t a bad thing for me. Moreover, I’m able to connect with the story more even if sometimes these types of novels offer weird plots (well, rich people can be super ridiculous sometimes).

Genre: Contemporary Romance, New Adult
Publication Year: 2018
Part of a series?: Yes

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The story of “Fling Club” wasn’t too weird. It was the classic revenge plot against the bratty girl. You would imagine movies like Mean Girls and similar while reading this, so if you liked those, you’ll find this story entertaining although the plot is nothing new.

It all starts when our main female character, Cherry, finds her boyfriend cheating on her. She is a high society girl with an image to maintain, and because of this she needs to attend Fling Club, a not so secret group where rich girls like her control the dating game and get rid of their flings when summer ends. This sounds ridiculous and it is, but we are talking about high society girls so it fits perfectly. We also have the Queen Bee, and it’s her Cherry wants to destroy. Enter Ashley, a nerdy guy who studies Robotics. He can see through Cherry’s real personality, and eventually he’s what will make her go out of her shell and finally be indipendent.

I had some issues with Cherry. She is your typical socialite: she goes to University but she won’t use that degree since she’s going to marry and be a “wife” and that’s it. This is so sad because she could be so much more; she even has money to make her dreams come true. We see her struggle at first because she isn’t sure revenge is what she wants, because it’s easy to live the life that her mother has planned for her. She was pitiful most of the times, but I understood where she came from, and in the end I’m glad she could make up her mind and try to live the way she wished to and not how the world where she came from ordered her to be.

Ashley, on the other side, was cute. He wasn’t rich like Cherry and despised rich people, but he as she got over the prejudices when he saw that there was more behind the play that high society staged every day of their lives. He helped Cherry a lot because he tried to make her see there was more than what her silver platter had to offer, and she could still make it, just like him. He is passionate for what he does, which is Robotics. Unlike Cherry, Ashley was sure of himself and determined to go after he wanted. He was a nice book boyfriend, but I wished we had more chapters with his POV because I liked to read what he thought of some situations.

Ashley and Cherry came from different worlds but this didn’t stop them from trying to be together despite each of their families may have had some prejudices themselves because of this. They have different strong and weak points but they can help each other overcome difficulties life may throw at them.

Overall, I liked all the characters. Since this will be a series, I wish the author will write books about Andy and Ella and maybe some of the girls from Cherry’s inner circle too, like Rachel.

If you’re looking for a light romantic story to read during your hot summer, this is perfect.

Thanks to NetGalley for providing the ARC.

RATING: 4.5/5 stars

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