Shameless King by Maya Hughes

Hi everyone! I’ve been absent from the blog for another couple of weeks due to exams, and I’m sorry, but I promise I’ll be more active in the Summer. The book I’m talking about on this post has been released today, so go check it out on the link below!

Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance
Publication Year: 2018
Part of a series?: Yes, Book 1 of ?

You can buy it HERE on









This is a not so long college romance that I’m sure contemporary romance lovers who like stories set at campus will surely like.

At Rittenhouse Prep nothing is what is seems, and this is why Declan McAvoy thinks Makenna Halstead is an Ice Queen and a perfectionist looking people from above and thinking she’s better. Makenna also believes Declan to be full of himself because he is a great hockey player, but appearances are deceiving, because Declan and Mak’s lives are not exactly what the other believes them to be. The truth is quite different and after high school ends they never think they’d meet again in different circumstances.

Declan and Mak almost kissed at the high school ball, but then she left like Cinderella and until four years later they don’t know how the other is doing. Not that they care. Declan and Mak have hated each other during school, but that feeling in their chests when they danced their last dance sometimes still comes knocking. It happens to everyone to think about that person from their past and wonder what they are currently doing. If they are OK, if they are married, they graduated…

When Mak and Declan meet they are not in the best shape: she just moved from Stanford and needs to take a few classes to be in par with her degree course and he needs to get better grades in order to remain in his hockey team. Needless to say, it’s like fate brings them together and they are paired up. They dread it because they aren’t keen on working with each other after the way they parted, but in the end it’s just three months of doing projects together, what can happen? Declan knows Mak is a committed and organized student and that she’ll never miss a deadline, and he needs to succeed or his future career will never take off. Mak is the same, since she needs to get a good grade to be accepted in a study program she needs for her future as well.

Necessity (and an annoying Professor) brings them together. As Heath, one of Declan’s friends and teammates comments: “They bicker like a married couple”. Declan and Mak think they will have a hard time working together and want to minimize the meetings they need to have, but they soon realize that they are trying to run away from each other and what could happen between them.

Mak is the queen of running away, in fact her favorite past time – among many things – is go for a run at odd hours of the day. Declan calls her an Ice Queen, but she is not really cold. She is a perfectionist, loves to have things in order and doesn’t give too much of herself to others and this is is why she has just one close friend who understands her. She likes control because she wants everything to be perfect, but she’ll soon realize that not everything can be arranged and sometimes mistakes happen. Her fear to get closer to Declan comes from the worry that he will mess up her schedule (this girl has a schedule for anything!) and will make her lose sight of what is important. Mak has a dream she wants to achieve. She wants to become a doctor for her brother, and she is willing to avoid having fun and any distraction such as Declan because she needs to succeed. What she doesn’t understand and that Declan and her parents help to see, is that in order to get what she wants, she also needs to take breaks and live life, and stop being hard on herself because in the end she will only look back and be depressed she lost her chances to be happy.

One of her chances to be happy comes from Declan, who understands her personality and finds that after all, they are a good match. During high school Declan always believed Mak to be a stiff girl who could only be sarcastic and cold towards him because she had it all in life, but after he discovers why Mak behaves the way she does, he realizes that his idea of her had been wrong for years. Declan is a great hockey player and despises his birth father because he left him and his mom alone, so despite the love for hockey and his skills, at first he also wants to prove his father that he is better than him. After he falls for Mak, though, this changes. He realizes that he has to play for himself, for the crowd, for the team, and not for his resentful father who can only judge.

I liked the couple of Declan and Mak. They fit well together, and around them in the background we were also presented other characters. I’m especially intrigued by Emmett and Avery, and I hope that the author will write about them but also about Heath, Ford and Colm.

RATING: 4.5/5 stars

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