Faded Gray Lines by Cora Kenborn

Hi everyone! I’m finally more free since I took another exam yesterday, even though I’ll take another one in July. I’m closer to graduating and I’m anxious, but I never forget to read books while I’m preparing something. Today I’ve posted not one but two book reviews since these books both release today. This one is the second of the Carrera Cartel series by Cora Kenborn. If you like romantic suspense, you should definitely read this book and the previous one, Blurred Red Lines, as well. ❤

Genre: Romantic Suspense
Publication Year: 2018
Part of a series?: Yes, Book 2 of 3

You can buy it HERE on Amazon.com

“Faded Gray Lines” is the second book of the Carrera Cartel series, and it tells the story of Mateo, Val’s most trusted man from “Blurred Red Lines”. When I read that book, I saw potential in him because he is not the typical cartel guy. He has a sweet edge to him, and I wanted to know more about his personality and who would he like.

You don’t need to have read “Blurred Red Lines” to read this, but there could be spoilers if you haven’t read it.

Mateo didn’t have it easy, and he arrived to the rank in the cartel he is now because he showed Val his loyalty. But before he got close to the top of the hierarchy, Mateo met the person who could have been the partner of his life; if only the life he chose wouldn’t put itself in between. When you are a member of an illegal organization, you can’t reveal your true identity to others and the company you pick to warm your bed will be forgotten the next day, but some people you can’t forget.

Leighton made a mistake. A big mistake. And because of it, she needs her brother’s help and she goes to Houston. But this time it will be hard to save herself. Not only because of what she did, but also because of she is surrounded by beasts who want her head – or her body. She has to choose wisely to make it unscathed from this mess and protect the people she loves.

Mateo and Leighton are that couple that is destined to be separated. He does illegal activities, he is wrapped to the bone in the cartel because his boss will trust him with his life – and this happens once in a life-time. So when Mateo meets Leighton, he knows that he has to leave her alone. She is angelic, demure, innocent – she is everything he is not. Yet, the perfect life she seems to lead isn’t truly brilliant like it may seem, and she is eager to run away. But they can’t be together, and life at some point reminds them of it and drives them apart, leaving a baggage of secrets trailing behind them. When they meet again, it’s evident that love never faded, especially when I believe they were each other’s first love. Destiny decided to give them a chance, but they need to come clean about who they are and what they are hiding, or it won’t work.

As every Cora Kenborn novel, this one is filled with action and surprises in every chapter. You can’t take a breath because it all starts moving from the first chapter and until the end, there is never a static moment in the story. Being this a romantic suspense story, there are good and bad people, but the author messes with your head so you never know who did this or that until their misdeed is revealed, and it’s never who you expect. What I like about her books are these moments of shock and surprise where things you believed until then are questioned and you keep asking yourself what will happen and how the hero or the heroine will save himself/herself.

If you’ve loved Cora Kenborn’s other novels, you’ll also love this. Compared to “Blurred Red Lines”, I think this one is less violent but it doesn’t mean a bad thing in my book, because the story is well balanced so you have the right dose of everything, and in the end you’ll be satisfied of the outcome.

Next book hopefully is about Brody, and I can’t wait to read the story from the side of “justice”.

RATING: 5/5 stars

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