Book Review: Anonymous by L.P. Dover

Good evening, how are you? The book I’m reviewing tonight is a romantic suspense story by L.P. Dover that was released a few days ago. Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for giving me a copy to read and review. ^_^

Genre: Romantic Suspense
Publication Year: 2018
Part of a series?: No

You can buy it HERE on

From the cover this book could look like a dark romance, but it isn’t. This is a romantic suspense story where our heroine Ellie starts getting uneasy because she receives some texts from a number she doesn’t know. Hence the title “Anonymous”. She doesn’t reveal to her husband Jake that she’s getting these messages hoping the sender won’t bother her anymore, but she’s forced to seek help when the assailant doesn’t stop contacting her.

I have to be honest. Despite the book is not that long, I wasn’t hooked up at first. The first thing was that we have a married couple here and I like when there’s suspense but with a blooming love story as well. Moving forward with the story, though, I understand why the author chose to tell the story of a married couple instead of two people who have just met. I liked the book better after the 20% mark, and I read it all in a few hours because I needed to have answers.

The author was great at inserting doubts and suppositions as to who the stalker would be. I admit I realized at some point, and imagined how the main characters would find out, but the climatic moment was reached in ways I didn’t expect, so I was glad. I think this book could work well as a movie, it has the right characteristics to intrigue people and make them guess. Plus, there’s romance. I like mysteries but I prefer that ultimately, the focus is romance. In this book like I said we have a married couple, so there are plenty of romantic and hot moments between the two.

Speaking of the characters, Ellie and Jake were a solid couple. She had a career she loved and he did as well. Despite sometimes he was away because of work, Ellie never doubted her husband of flimsy things we see in some romances like cheating and whatnot. Same went for Jake, who was a strong male protagonist who would do anything to protect his wife. Personality speaking, sometimes I couldn’t digest Ellie. Yes, she was an indipendent woman and yes, she could do what she wanted, but sometimes I felt like she was too naive.

I would recommend this book to romantic suspense lovers but also contemporary romance lovers, because there is both. After all, the book is not long and is a quick and compelling read.

RATING: 4.5/5 stars


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