Book Review: Transcend Duet by Jewel E. Ann

Hi all! New review on the horizon about this duet I’ve read in the last few days. I tried to keep it as spoiler-free as possible. Have a nice day!

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publication Year: 2018
Part of a series?: No

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I really don’t know what to say now. I’ve just finished this book and I’m left with a lot of questions. Getting into this book wasn’t easy because English is not my first language and the author is great at showing the reader what is happening, but then I got used to her style and could delve deeper into the story.

The plot could look usual, but it’s messing with your head because this is not a paranormal book, but it has some PNR elements that I hope the author will discuss in the second book of this duet.

The story is quite simple: Swayze Samuels is 21 and she starts a new job as a nanny for a one month old baby at Professor Nathaniel Hunt’s house. He is 36 and is a single father. They have a lot of years of difference, but when you read dialogues between them, you never notice the age gap because Nate is going towards his forties but he’s still young and attractive. I won’t tell exactly what makes these two click, but I will only say that there is something that lets Swayze and Nate get connected even if they never knew each other before.

The story proceeded at a slow pace and I like it, because it makes everything more solid and realistic, not like many novels where there is insta-love between the main characters. Here Nate and Swayze are slowly finding out about each other and their past together, and the story is made more complicated because they are not alone in this. More than the age gap that could be disliked by somebody (not me), the main issue lies in the fact that Swayze is already taken and Nate has lingering feelings for the people he loved in the past, which means the story is a complicated quadrangle – or better say, pentagon. The people from their past and present make the obvious attraction they feel towards each other waver… but I hope there is a way for them to clear all the misunderstandings and find their way to happiness. I’m more Team Nate… we’ll see how things will go in “Epoch”.

I’m really conflicted right now. As I type this, I need to confess that I needed one week before I could finish reading the last few pages of this book. You may ask, why? I devoured “Transcend” and was devouring “Epoch”, but when I arrived to the climax of this book, I just couldn’t make it. I needed to take a break to digest what I knew was coming.

This book left me devastated and with a bittersweet feeling lingering in my heart despite I tried to prepare myself for the ending. In my reading life I had this sort of feeling a few times, and strangely, always with books featuring triangles. Now I won’t say who I liked more with the female protagonist because you may think “Ah, she’s angry because the ship didn’t sail”, and I don’t want you to think that. There was just something about this second book of this duet that broke me and something that was missing.

There surely were heartbreak, angst and similar feelings, although I think I’ve felt more depressive ones rather than happy ones. Even if the book does have an HEA that wanted to satisfy both couples, it didn’t satisfy me, whether I liked Swayze’s partner or not, because it’s easy to let the main character end up with both people. And it was easier to do it in the world of this book because of what it dealt with. I can’t say I’m happy of the outcome. I think many will be OK and content with how the love stories end in this book, but me?

Like I said, I felt like there was something missing. I don’t know what that is, but right now I feel a hole in my stomach and I’m still unable to process this duet. A part of me wants to criticize some things like (view spoiler).

I was torn on the rating to give this book because of what I said above, but I decided that 4 stars was right (even if it’s more towards 3.5 rather than 5).



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