Book Review: When Sinners Kneel by R. Scarlett

Premise: “When Sinners Kneel” mentions some things that happen during the Blackest Gold series and especially the third book “A Vow of Thorns”. I suggest you to read the whole series before you start this one – unless you want to be spoiled.

Genre: New Adult, Paranormal Romance
Publication Year: 2018
Part of a series?: Yes

When I read the Blackest Gold series, the protagonists of this new book, Beau and Lex, stood out a lot despite they didn’t have much writing time; they were important for the story but of course they weren’t the focus. I loved when R. Scarlett decided to write about them because they had so much potential. (Will patiently wait for a book about Illya/Stella/September too!!)

They are both linked to Tensley Knight, the main male character of the other series. Beau is the older brother of the Knight family and he is now a beast because his heart was ripped out of his chest for having loved a human. He didn’t die when his heart was torn apart, yet, his life took an unexpected turn because he couldn’t be what his father, the Dux of Scorpios, wanted him to be. He is paying the price for his sin and he doesn’t seem to regret being treated like he is a low-life because he seems content to be the king of what he calls hell, the world where reckless, toxic and violent people live. This place is the Pit. One night while he is there to fight, he meets Lex Harvey. She is a souleater and has been a close friend of his brother Tensley for years, living a life of starvation and barely making out alive after she’d been kidnapped by hunters.

These two are a lethal mix of raw passion and abandonment issues. Besides being linked to Tensley, they were both abandoned by their fathers for different causes. These two lost souls live in a hard world were love is not allowed and only lust and depravation reigns, and their relationship, if it’d became something more than just sex, could be seen as wrong and illegal because Beau is still a high class demon while Lex is a low class souleater. This is why I like this pairing, because they want each other to death but they also know that they could put themselves in danger because of their attraction towards each other. Not only for feeling love (not admitted in their world) but also because these two are autodestructive types and very stubborn.

Beau and Lex were the main focus of this book and you could really get an insight in their minds and what drove them to do this or that other thing. After reading this book and having a further glimpse into the Blackest Gold series I loved so much, I definitely want more. I like how the plot is intricated at first but then everything falls into place at some point, like a puzzle. And I love how the author is able to write the angst between the characters, giving and taking when necessary.

I’ll patiently wait for the following book!

RATING: 5/5 stars


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