Book Review: Team Player: A Sports Romance Anthology

Hi everybody! It’s been a while and I’m really sorry, but I can’t seem to find something new to read besides books bu authors I already know. I’ll try to be more active in the new year, but for now there’s also too much on my plate that is keeping me from reading. Here’s a nice anthology I read for you. I don’t have time to review every single story, perhaps I’ll do it during the holidays.

Genre: Contemporary Romance, New Adult
Publication Year: 2017
Part of a series?: No
You can buy it HERE from

I rarely read anthologies because I like to read standalones/series, but I was attracted by this title because there were some of my favorite authors in it.

“Team Player” is an anthology of romantic stories with characters who play sports at college and happen to meet or already know each other and fall in love. There were both male and female characters who played a sport or were involved in sports activities in this book, so not always the same old, same old with the guy being the playboy jock and whatnot. So if you like sports romances, you will not get bored by this anthology at all.

Overall I liked all the stories, they were nice to read in a period like this before the exams in January and the holidays. The story I liked the most was L.J. Shen’s “The End Zone”. I’ve been a big fan of this author ever since last Spring, and she hasn’t disappointed me so far. Her story was about Sage and Jolie, a couple of best friends who’ve known each other since childhood. He had a big career ahead of him and was known in college to be a great playboy, so when he asks Jolie to be his fake girlfriend, she doesn’t know whether to accept or not.

All the other stories were nice as well, L.J. Shen’s stood out the most to me but of course the other authors were also cool. It is rare to find an anthology with so many good contemporary romance writers, so you shouldn’t miss it. 😉

RATING: 5/5 stars

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