Book Review: Shallow by Cora Kenborn

Hope you’re having a nice day. Here it’s cloudy and it’s raining every now and then… and I hate rain. But rain is also the perfect mood to read something, and I’ve got a new book for you to read. It’s from one of my favorite authors, Cora Kenborn. It’s different from her previous books, so I suggest you to check it out.

Genre: Contemporary Romance, New Adult
Publication Year: 2017
Part of a series?: No
You can buy it HERE from

Shiloh is not having a good time. After committing a serious crime, she’s condemned to community service in the last place she’d like to return. But sometimes, going back where we started is what a person needs to move on and mature, and this is what happens to Shiloh. She is a successful model, but somehow, her life is empty.

Cary is a good man despite the appearances. His life was ruined several years before and now his dreams have been ruined for good because of one event and one person in particular. Now that person who hurt him in the past is coming back in town and what time if not now, to make her pay back what she destroyed?

“Shallow” is a bit different from what I’ve previously read by Cora Kenborn. This book is not dark like her Lords of Lyre series, and it’s a pleasant surprise. The issues that the characters have to face in the book are perfectly mentioned in the title. Shallow is how people of Shiloh’s past used to call her because she was the classic rich bitch who only thought about appearances and was basically empty inside. Of course this was not the truth, because Shiloh was indeed too careful about what image she gave to people in town, but she wasn’t the nasty girl everyone claimed she was. The only guy who saw her aura was Cary. Cary was the nice guy with a bright future ahead of him who didn’t care Shiloh rejected him in front of people.

This is a second chance romance story but it’s also a second chance at forgiving one self. Shiloh doesn’t like what she became, and she only realized it after a big event causes her to reconsider her life choices. She doesn’t like to see herself and step by step she will try to find a new reason to live. Same goes with Cary. His promising future could not happen anymore and he had to re-invent himself and find a new path that may not be what he wanted to become, but it was still OK.

Shiloh and Cary have amazing chemistry. The love story is romantic but not that sugary type that sometimes authors write in contemporary romance books. I’m sure that who likes this genre will love this couple and the story, because there are a lot of lovable moments and characters in it, that are not predictable like other romances. “Shallow” is far from being a shallow book. So, read it. 🙂

RATING: 5/5 stars

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