Book Review: The Evolution of Us by D. Kelly

Good morning! Today there is a new release by one of my favorite authors, and you’ll love her if you like contemporary. I’m talking about D. Kelly, author of the “Just an Illusion” series I previously reviewed, and her new book “The Evolution of us”, which is another soft and cute second chance romance.

Genre: Contemporary Romance, New Adult
Publication Year: 2017
Part of a series?: No
You can buy it HERE from

“The Evolution of Us” is the new contemporary romance novel by D. Kelly. Compared to her previous series Just an Illusion, is shorter, but it doesn’t mean it isn’t as intense. After reading all the books by this author, I can say that she’s a guarantee when it comes to this genre.

The Evolution of Us is the story of Declan and Holly, two people who met during their teen years but separated at some point. The book alternates between their POVs and between different moments of their love story without being confusing. I think the title is fitting for this romance novel because is really shows how the story evolves and lets the reader into the minds of both characters to find out what led them to say or do something.

When the story starts, Holly and Dec are apart, and we find out slowly what happened. They are different people compared to what they were when they met and were together, and of course some things changed, but not their love for each other.

Holly is your girl next door. Good, genuine, but not stupid. If there is a thing I like about female characters in D. Kelly’s books is that they are not weak heroines, but they stand up for themselves even if that may hurt them in the process. Holly is level-headed and knows what she wants.

Dec is a guy with a heart of gold that is determined and faithful. He wants to get Holly back and he’ll do whatever he can to show her that things have changed.

I really like that the story was a mix between past and present, because using the first part of the book to write a flashback can be tiring, so an alternation between what’s been and what’s happening is great to compare the growth of the characters and the current situations. And for those who read the series “Just and Illusion”, there’s even a mention. It’s awesome when an author connects the books she writes in her writing. The book flows well and you’ll want to turn the pages until the end and I love the banter between the characters, there are a lot of funny lines. Too bad that it wasn’t as long as other books by this author, but I think that D. Kelly may want to write other books about characters in TEOU, right? Because I’d love to know if Sage and Baxter will ever find love… 🙂

You can’t miss this book if you love contemporary romance.

RATING: 4.5/5 stars

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