Book Review: Pink Lines and Panic by K.A. Ware and Cora Kenborn

Hey all! Today is Assumption Day and it’s a holiday here in Italy, but it’s also release day for this new installment of the Swamp Bottom Series by K.A. Ware and Cora Kenborn. You should read the other books first. Don’t worry, they are not very long and they cost around 1$ each. ^_^

Genre: Romantic Comedy, Novella
Publication Year: 2017
Part of a series?: Yes, Book 5 of ?
You can buy it HERE from

Here we are back in the Swamp! We were left hanging when the previous novella, “Blue lights and boatmen”, ended. Addie has to face an important matter and Savvy also has a few nice surprises along the way, not all of them pleasing.

I think this may be my favorite novella of the series after “Hook ups and Hang ups”. Our characters are maturing and showing sides I never thought possible. This book focused more on Addie and Zep because of the previous cliffhanger and I am amazed by how both of them are evolving as characters and as a couple. Thanks to Zep’s support and calm nerves (or the opposite, lol), Addie is finally believing more in herself and trusting her long time love. When I started this series, I believed Zep to be different but each novella shocks me when it comes to him, because he is truly one of those male characters you’d want for yourself. In flesh and bone. I also like Addie a lot like I’ve said previously, and I wish that she’d just tried to live her life more without thinking about the consequences and the various what-ifs scenarios.

In this 5th installment we saw little of Pope but I’m sure that in the next book (that I’m assuming is titled after the last chapter?) we will see a lot of him. I can’t go in details because it would be a spoiler, but I’m waiting to see how Savvy’s cliffhanger works out. And here I thought that she had less problems to face because of her positive attitude… ah! Hopefully, everything will resolve for her as well because they all deserve an happy ending.

As usual, the novella was filled with laugh-worthy moments. Seriously, making a person laugh is harder than making them cry, but K.A. Ware and Cora Kenborn are able to write lines that will make you do both. This book is full of funny moments but also emotional ones, and you can perceive Addie and Savvy’s personality through their POVs, which is another thing I applaud them for, since not everyone can create a character with their own distinct personality who tears through the words and makes the reader believe he/she is real.

This being said, I can’t wait to read what happens next!

RATING: 5/5 stars

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