Book Review: Something there in between by S. Ferguson

Happy Thursday! It’s been a hot, long day and the only way to cope with this weather was reading. This is the last week before I’ll have to start studying again for my Autumn exams… sigh. Anyway, today’s book is a pearl I found the other day. If you love a good contemporary book with realistic issues and characters, this one was really nice. ❤

Genre: Contemporary Romance, New Adult,
Publication Year: 2017
Part of a series?: Yes, Book 1 of 2
You can buy it HERE from

Bree has had a rough life and she’s barely 20. She’s heartbroken, lost and she thinks that her life will only get worse. Declan didn’t have a nice life himself, but he moved on from his past and is trying to live as well as he can. Bree and Declan meet because he starts working as a bartender in the bar where Bree has been working for years already. He really sees her, and tries to make her see all the good things she has in her and help her recover from her past traumas.

What can I say. This book was too short compared to what I usually read, but it contained much more than longer titles. You’d think Bree and Dec would have a usual love story with them falling for each other at first sight and some drama happening in between, but this is not what “Something there in between” is about. This book deals with abuse, trust, relationships, and the way people deal with these real problems. The main characters have both been victims of rape and violence and they treat the traumas differently and help heal each other.

Bree starts off as a fragile girl with a sad story who is trying to move past her most recent suffering. She is at her lowest point and can only find solace sitting on a bench in the park in front of her house. Declan may look like the annoying playboy when you read his POV, but he’s nothing like that. He found strength in his traumas and is now trying to make a living. These two fit so well together because Declan can understand what Bree went/is going through, since he’s witnessed it happen firsthand. I liked how he starts to make Bree know that he is interested but he doesn’t try to speed up the chemicals between them, he tries to give Bree time to believe in him and that his feelings are honest. It was great that Bree and Dec’s road to finally be together was slow and the author showed us each step of the way in a realistic manner, which it rarely happens in many indie books. Plus, the drama level was the lowest I’ve seen in ages, which is good because you don’t always need drama to create a plot.

The author’s writing was good too and she was able to create two relatable characters and literally bring them to life. I know there is a second book in the series about another couple (that I won’t mention because it would be a spoiler), so I may read that to know what happened with Bree and Dec as well. 🙂

RATING: 5/5 stars


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