Book Review: To Crown a Beast by R. Scarlett

Hi all! Hope your Summer is going great, sadly mine is filled with work so I cannot really rest. 😦 But I can read books, and I was waiting for this one in particular, because it is the last one of my favorite 2017 paranormal romance series. The Blackest Gold series is one great saga by author R. Scarlett. Read the first three volumes first, eh! 😛
: Paranormal Romance, New Adult, Urban Fantasy
Publication Year: 2017
Part of a series?: Yes, Book 4 of 4
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“To crown a beast” is the last volume of the Blackest Gold saga by R. Scarlett. In this book, we see the outcome of “A vow of thorns”, where it seemed Tensley and Molly had finally made their dreams come true. For those who read AVOT, you know who is the beast. Well, in the first chapters we see the impact the last big event had on the characters.

Tensley in this book seems to have gone back to his old self, the one we saw in “Vein of Love”, the ruthless man without a heart that does everything his instinct tells him to do, but his behavior is not dictated by his mind but by the wildness inside of him, so he’s more unpredictable. This causes him to do or say things he doesn’t mean and to Molly do drift apart to protect herself, but also to find a way to save him. Compared to the previous books, I am glad Molly has matured a lot. She was barely 19 when the events of the book started, while Tensley was much older. It was understandable for her to be naive and thoughtless, but in the world of demons, she learnt how to survive, and in the end she got her happy ending. After what happens in AVOT, it was about time. Tensley also evolved more and embraced his “soft” side. It was nice that in the end they could finally be themselves and be happy as a couple.

“To crown a beast” had a lot of plots to resolve and I thought for a moment that we wouldn’t have all the answers we needed, but I was wrong. The author knows how to reach the climax of the story and resolve the situation in simple ways that are not over the top like many do in paranormal fantasy books. They are PNR books indeed, but I think there is a limit to too much fantasy. If you write a PNR, it should somehow seem believable since it’s set in a “real” world and not an epic one. Anyway, we didn’t have any loose ends regarding Molly and Tensley’s story, but a story was left open. Illya/September/Stella. Sigh. I hope R. Scarlett has a book in the works about them, because the dynamic was really interesting, being Illya Tensley’s opposite.

This book could be loved by many, in my opinion. Because yes, it’s a fantasy, but it also contains various elements that mixed together, create the perfect mix. I swear, I’ve read less PNR books lately because I could not find a series that intrigued me like this one, because it isn’t predictable and lets you ask yourself questions and wonder what will happen next.

RATING: 5/5 stars


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