Book Review: Two Wrongs by Donna Alam

“Two Wrongs” by Donna Alam is the second book of the Trouble by the Numbers series. I haven’t read the previous book where these two characters were introduced, but I haven’t got a problem reading this one as a standalone.

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Genre: Romantic Comedy, New Adult
Publication Year: 2017
Part of a series?: Yes, Book 2 of ?
You can buy it HERE from

“Two Wrongs” is a romantic comedy about Ivy, a Scottish hairstylist who tried to make it in Hollywood, and Dylan, a rising actor. The two met casually when he wasn’t famous, and they had a shotgun wedding and were married until things got complicated and Ivy wants divorce. When a sex tape of the two appears on the net, she is forced back into a life she left in the USA, and she has to face her soon-to-be ex husband and move on.

Let’s start with Ivy and Dylan. The book is told in alternating POVs by the two, despite we know more of what Ivy is doing rather than Dylan, who only appeared when he was about to have scenes with Ivy. Well, I didn’t like this very much because I would have loved a glimpse into Dylan’s life in a similar way to what we got for Ivy’s. We had his thoughts and all, but I thought it would’ve been cooler to get more of his POV. The story works nice like this, but maybe Ivy’s POV was enough to describe the situation and give Dylan a more mysterious halo. Obviously, this is just my honest opinion. Personality wise, I wasn’t too fond of Ivy. She was a bit crazy and I liked that, but at times, I thought she was too impulsive and submissive. I get that Dylan was her husband, but at times it seemed as if he was the dominant of the couple – and I prefer when they are equals. They were sweet and rough, but I would’ve liked more character development.

The story was light and fun because of the secondary characters. June and Nat were so fun to read, although sometimes I didn’t get their Scottish jokes. I would be interested in a book on Nat. Like I said, Ivy was fun herself and it seemed like many things happened to her, but there were some points where it seemed the author didn’t elaborate the story and left the reader to imagine. This happens many times, and can’t say it isn’t a good plot device, but maybe it isn’t one I like a lot. I’d rather know what happens rather than have a time jump where I have to figure out and I’m a tad confused. I also think that Ivy and Dylan had to work more on their issues (that seemed quickly resolved) before the book ended. Despite everything, I think this book would work well as a movie.

This being said, I believe that rom-com lovers and contemporary romance readers will find this book a nice read. 🙂


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