Book Review: Blue Lights and Boatmen by Cora Kenborn and K.A. Ware

Hi guys! Been wrapped up with exams and the time to read is less, but I always try to continue the series I’ve already started, and here I am. This is the latest novella of the Swamp Bottom series by K.A. Ware and Cora Kenborn. Be prepared to hear the story from Zep and Pope’s side. I’ve been waiting for their POVs and I wonder if we’ll get their views in the next book as well. Please?
If you still haven’t read these novellas, I’d suggest you buy them. They are just 0.99$ each. 🙂
Read my previous reviews about the series HERE.

Genre: Romantic Comedy, Novella
Publication Year: 2017
Part of a series?: Yes, Book 4 of ?
You can buy it HERE from

Let’s start with Pope. We see a larger glimpse into his life. His father is annoying and judgemental, but Savvy knows how to handle him. I like this about her, she is care-free and bright despite people may be asses. I can see Pope is trying to let her into his life, but he isn’t there yet. Savvy is more sure of herself compared to Addie, but at the same time, she hates lies. I wonder if Pope kept more things hidden from her in order to start anew in NOLA. Sometimes, he should try to be less controlling and live in the moment, and I think Savvy can help him do that.

Then there’s Zep. Gee, I love Zep. I think he is my favorite character. I loved reading his POV, because until now I wasn’t able to figure out his mind. Zep is the opposite of Pope. He is the typical “street” guy, humble, a bit rough, but also passionate. Zep made a mistake when he and Addie where in high school, and that cost him his happy ending with her. Now he’s determined to get her back, but with her divorce not yet finalized, Addie seems to have doubts. Not about Zep, about people who surround them and that could judge her choices. Zep knows this, in fact I like how he tries to make Addie get out of her comfort zone. She’s lived the last 10 years as a polished lady who always had to show a façade in front of people, so it’s hard. But with a guy like Zep, she can be able to have a fresh start and finally live the life with him she probably wanted after school ended. Needless to say, Zep and Addie are my favorite couple, because I feel like her sometimes. She needs to believe more in herself and stop thinking about what others think of her.

Of course, this book ends with a cliffhanger – and what a cliffy it is. Now I think we’ll have to wait another month for the next novella, and I just want to know how that will go…

RATING: 5/5 stars


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