Book Review: A Vow of Thorns by R. Scarlett

“A vow of thorns” is the 3rd book of the Blackest Gold saga. Who follows me and reads my review is well aware that my favorite genre is paranormal/urban fantasy. This is probably the second series that falls into this genre that I read this year and I loved the first two installments. Well, this one is on another level. I like how this story is developing and dang, I’m in love with all the book covers, especially this one. It’s raw and sexy.

Genre: Paranormal Romance, New Adult, Dark
Publication Year: 2017
Part of a series?: Yes, Book 3 of 4
You can buy it HERE from

In “A Vow of Thorns”, Tensley and Molly are in different countries because she’s doing her internship in Paris, and they miss each other. Distance is hard to bear, but at the same time they both are keeping secrets from each other that they want to reveal but at the same time, they don’t want those white lies to hinder their rocky relationship. We’ve seen in “Body of the Crime” how they fought and made up because they still didn’t trust each other, but thankfully, in this book they are on the path to recover and recharge and strengthen their bond. There’s a little something that will help them do so, but this may also break them apart.

Tensley and Molly are going against the rules, and it seems like he is willing to risk it all for his bride-to-be. Naturally, there are even more enemies than before and they are powerful. But this doesn’t mean that our couple has already lost. And with Molly’s daemon power that is still partially unknown to her and to Scorpios, you never know what may happen. Everyone knows about her now, but they are still eyeing her with wary eyes because of her human upbringing.

I love how in this book Tensley is a changed man. He was already starting to change in “Body of the Crime”, but then he alternated change with going back to hold patterns and restraint, because of obvious fear since in the demon world, you cannot show affection for another the way humans do. Now Tensley changed his priorities. He is aware of his feelings for Molly, that his love for her goes beyond court rules and strict behaviours, and he’s finally putting her first. Molly is also changing, although slowly. She is a very emotional and sensible girl, and I can’t blame her since after Tensley stormed into her life, it all changed. She is strong, she stands up for herself, but at times I wish she was more confident in her abilities. I believe perhaps she isn’t fully because somehow, she still isn’t sure of WHAT exactly her daemon abilities are, except for the things she can do with her eyes. Basically, she’s out of control, and she doesn’t know how to use her powers. Hopefully, we’ll see a stronger Molly in the fourth and last book of this series, which I am expecting with much anticipation.

This world of demons sucked me in ever since “Vein of Love”, and I’m grateful the author offered the chance to read an ARC before her release, which is today. Now we will see how things will turn out in the last book, that as today still hasn’t a title. I’m glad to have found you, R. Scarlett! Hope that when this series ends, you’ll write another paranormal romance as interesting and bound to mythology like this one.


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