Book Review: Dangerous Hearts by K.K. Allen

Good morning, dear readers! Last week was such a mess, but I managed to finish all of the books I planned to review, lmao. This one will come out on May 18th, but I will review it for you without giving spoilers, because this deserves to be read! This is K.K. Allen’s new creature. You may have known her for her books “Up in the treehouse” or “Under the bleachers”, and now she’s about to publish this new contemporary romance duet. You can pre-order the book already, I’ll leave the link below. ❤

Genre: Contemporary Romance, New Adult
Publication Year: 2017
Part of a series?: Yes, Book 1 of 2
You can buy it HERE from

“Dangerous Hearts” is the first book of the Stolen Melody Duet by author K.K. Allen. I’ve always wanted to read this author because I’ve read a lot of great things about her, and this is why I requested an ARC copy of this book that will be published soon.

Dangerous Hearts is a contemporary NA romance about two different yet similar people who casually met when they are teenagers, and then their paths cross again when they are older and are exploring their careers. Lyric Cassidy is the daughter of a famous musician, and she’s a road manager for singers and bands. She has a past with rock stars, and when she’s given the job to take care of a hot singer’s tour, she wants to decline but then decides to do it anyway. The lead singer of the band Wolf, “Beowulf” Chapman, is your super hot rock star who sleeps around with groupies and certainly, the type of man Lyric wants to stay away from. Yet, there’s something that makes the two click with each other, and they can’t explain why.

I found Lyric quite interesting. We still don’t know much about her secrets and why she doesn’t want the world to know about some of her talents. She is a strong girl but she is also vulnerable when it comes to her job and Wolf. She would love to have both, but she knows that it’s rather impossible with all the competition and glares she gets because she’s a female road manager. I loved how she stood up for herself all the time, proving that she can take care of herself. I didn’t agree much with some of her choices, but there’s a second book so we’ll see how she deals with that. Wolf is a mysterious man, the kind of character I crave in books. He has a soft heart, and like many playboys like him, he doesn’t give into love and relationships easily. I still find him unsure about the whole situation, so I hope that in the second book he will realize some things.

The book was told in the POVs of both characters. I liked how the story unfolded and how their inner thoughts were normal, as in, when they were thinking about each other sexually, for example, they didn’t have mental outbursts like “omg I’m so hard” or other annoying crap some writers put in their character’s heads. The writing flew very well and you couldn’t help but reading more. I would have read this book in one sitting if I didn’t have so much to do in real life, lol. I would surely read the second book, which comes out in July, called “Destined Hearts”. I’m interested a lot in Wolf and Lyric’s story and how it all plays out in the end, especially after the cliffhanger we were left with in this book. I hate when a book ends with a cliffy, but I also like that we have another book with more of this story and more adventures for our main characters.

If you enjoy rock stars romances with a bit of banter, sex, and an intriguing story, then you should surely read this book. Can’t wait for “Destined Hearts”!


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