Book Review: Body of the Crime by R. Scarlett

Body of the Crime is the second book of the “Blackest Gold” saga by R. Scarlett. It is a paranormal romance that contains violence, sex and dark situations, and in my opinion is the best paranormal book I’ve read this year along with the first of the series, Vein of Love, that you should read before this to understand the whole story. If you love this genre, you’ll be amazed and enamored with the story and the characters. ❤

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Dark, New Adult
Publication Year: 2017
Pages: 346 (Kindle)
Part of a series?: Yes, Book 2 of 4
You can buy it HERE from

Body of the Crime starts right where Vein of Love left off. Things are still odd between Tensley and Molly, because he is conflicted about his loyalty to her and his loyalty to his family and Scorpios, who do not accept when a demon grows a heart and is affectionate with someone more than satisfy himself and gain power.

Tensley is on edge and it takes him a lot of time to make a decision because of the events that are plaguing his people. Many demons have been missing because of the demon hunters lead by Cree, and the situation is not good. I understand how must he feel, but I hope that things will resolve. Perhaps with Molly’s presence into Scorpios, things will chance, maybe even that law about not showing any affection. It is too cruel.

On her side, Molly is trying to earn Tensley’s trust after the events at the end of Vein of Love. She was naive, yes, but she followed the hunters for a good reason – Tensley had trapped her in a marriage arrangement that she didn’t want to be involved into, she had all the right to follow the path she believed could help her. Now Molly has realized her judgement was wrong and she’s trying to make things right. We’re seeing her under a different light in this book. More powerful, more aware of herself and what she wants, and I like it. In Vein of Love she was still innocent and too naive at times, but now she’s building up her character a lot.

We see how hard it is for Tensley and Molly to be together, and how their feelings are growing in all of this mess. Which side will win? The man or the beast? Because Molly is pretty set on her decisions despite what happens towards the end, but Tensley still has doubts. He is afraid, and I can’t blame him, but I wish he’d trust Molly more and start his own war of freedom in a world where he may be powerful but he can’t really express his true self. He doubted Molly too much, and I wish he understood how she truly is. Distrust is never a good thing in a relationship, but they are getting there somehow. I wonder how the cliffhanger will play into all of this. So far, it is evident how the characters have grown compared to Vein of Love, and I wish for them to improve even more in the next book as well as their relationship to slap the haters and the jealous people in the face.

The story is developing at a steady pace, and I like that we’ve find out about more things regarding demons and daemons and new characters came into play to deal their cards. Now that Molly’s identity is known by more people, things will be messed up, but I’m sure Molly and Tensley will know what to do, I consider them a nice couple of opposites who attract who has the strength to conquer the world. I’m worried for the third book, A Vow of Thorns, but the story wouldn’t be interesting if it didn’t have bumps in the road. Can’t wait for June to read it.

RATING: 5/5 stars


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