Book Review: Vicious by L.J. Shen

Happy Saturday, readers!
Hope weather is good where you live, because here is cold and windy again and I hate these temperatures so much. While I tried not to feel the bad weather, I read another book. I HAD to read this book because I kept on seeing it on the TOP100 of Amazon’s Best Sellers, and two, because the blurb intrigued me. Guess what, I am so happy I cave in and sat down to read it. It’s the first of the Sinners of Saint series by author L.J. Shen, a new author to stalk, if you ask me. 😛 hehe.

Genre: Contemporary Romance, New Adult
Publication Year: 2016
Pages: 326 (Kindle)
Part of a series?: Yes, Book 1 of 4
You can buy it HERE from

When Emilia LeBlanc moved from Richmond to Todos Santos, California, she didn’t expect her life would turn to hell. Her parents accepted a job in a city that was the complete opposite of where they lived before, and she felt a fish out of water around rich and snobby people who went to her high school. She could bear to live there, if not for the only son of the estate her parents were working for, the haughty Baron “Vicious” Spencer. Ever since he caught Emilia eavesdropping a delicate conversation, she made her life a living hell without a real reason. There’s tension between Emilia and Vicious, but the line that separates love and hate often blurred.

Emilia was a relatable character with a high sense of morality. She always tried to behave well, supported her family, her sister, and tried to stood up for herself even when Vicious acted like a jerk towards her. She didn’t take his outbursts like a submissive person would, and I loved how she treated him in good and bad times. She was believable as a character and I loved how she handled some things, especially how she handled Vicious. He, was Emilia’s opposite. Selfish and proud, he always wants to win every argument and never put his feelings on display because of his past. What happened before Emilia and her family move to his mansion is what probably made him this way, and to resolve his issues the author took her time, and it was a credible journey. He was so broken and raw and true at the same time, you hated to love him. He was never flat, and always enjoyable to read because you never knew what his next move would be.

Emilia and Vicious completed each other perfectly. She was innocent and valued morality a lot, while he was reckless and didn’t care about rules, he acted like a whiny child and did whatever he wanted until Emilia makes him realize that is not like that he is going to achieve something. In his work environment it could be okay to be like that, but at some point he needed to face his demons and move on – only then he would feel truly satisfied. Emilia’s and Vic’s dialogue was super funny and angsty. There was a lot of sexual tension between them, and I loved how the author took her time to develop both characters and reach the climax. In the end I was satisfied with how they turned out to be, but I craved more, so much more, since I enjoyed this book so much. I hope we’ll get a glimpse of their life in “Ruckus”, the next book in the series.

Besides Emilia and Vicious, I felt myself drawn to the other characters, especially the Four HotHoles, the group of hot and rich guys Vicious was part of during high school with Dean, Trent and Jaime. His story can be read in the Prequel Novella called “Defy” that is recommended to read before “Vicious”, but I still haven’t read that one yet. Emilia’s sister Rosie was also interesting, and we’ll see more of her in “Ruckus” since the book will be about her.

The story was not typical. It was dark, gritty, and raw. A lot of emotions that many don’t want to face were exposed and expanded, it was not your usual candy and flowers love story, the Hallmark movie type, to be exact, and this is why I loved it even more. Every twist and turn in the plot was unexpected and Emilia’s and Vic’s scenes made my heart a turmoil of emotions of all kind – I was intoxicated by the characters and the story. I was like a junkie, really. The writing was perfect, very flowing, never boring, the kind that lets you imagine everything you’re reading in your mind. This book made me sigh a good kind of sigh and now I’m left in awe and I’d just wish and hope a producer would turn this into a series or a movie. PLEASEEEEEE!!! I bet it would be a great success – it already is.

Like I mentioned above, the next book in the series is titled “Ruckus” and it will come out on May 26th. I can’t wait to read it and be swarmed in a new oceans of emotions. For the lovers of contemporary romance and second chances romances, this book is perfect. But beware of the dark themes, because I told you this is not your usual sugar-coated romance, this is so much more. I hope I can find more writers who write like this! Ah! Suggest me some if you know some names. 🙂

RATING: 5/5 stars


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