Book Review: Just an Illusion – The B Side by D. Kelly

30833936*I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book.*
Another day, another book. I’m still full of feelings after finishing this book because damn, it was a rollercoaster of emotions! This is the second book of the Just an Illusion series and it will be released on March 30th. Meanwhile you wait, you can read my review of Side A and find the link to buy it in the post. 🙂

Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance
Publication Year: 2017
Part of a series?: Yes, Book 2 of 3

You can buy it HERE on

The book starts right where Side A left off. Something shocking has just happened and Amelia and all the guys have had to face the consequences. We see the aftermath of that event and how they all deal with it. Be prepared to laugh and to cry because many things happen here as well and will leave you breathless when you reach the end, which, thankfully for my poor heart, isn’t the very end since we get a #3 book in June.

In this book we see a completely different Mel. It seems like being with Noah is changing her, and although I didn’t like some of her choices, she is a pretty strong character. Noah is not my piece of cake, but I understand where he comes from. I am not too fond of Noah and Mel’s relationship much because I think he is too possessive and too good at times, but reading the book I understand WHY the things that happen to them have to happen. It is hard to talk about that without spoiling you the book, so I won’t. 😉

This book showed us a new side of Sawyer, which is, hands down, the character I came to love the most of the series. He is damaged, but he tries to be true despite it is difficult for him to hide his feelings for Mel. We see how he tries to cope with Noah and Amelia’s decisions. I wish and hope we see even more of him in Just an Illusion – EP (or Unplugged?) which is the 3rd and last book of this series. I love his relationship with his twin brother Noah so much and I know that his twin is aware of what he is doing for the sake of his relationship with Mel, but seeing Sawyer as the only BAD member without a woman is tearing my heart to pieces because I can relate. My biggest wish would be for him to finally find someone he loves IF this trilogy won’t resolve in his favor with Amelia.

Like Side A, we have bits told by Amelia in the present time and in the past. Now I realize why she has to write the story: something life-changing happened in her and BAD’s lives that needs to be told because otherwise she won’t be able to figure her feelings out for the “him” she’s exchanging emails with. We are still in the dark about who “him” is and I have a theory but I won’t talk about it because otherwise I would need to spoil the book and I don’t want to.

This book frustrated me in a good way more than Side A. I am seriously a mess right now, incapable of thinking about anything else besides the story and the characters. When you believe things are going like you want, the author is able to show you that life isn’t always generous. The theme of fate is thrown a lot in the book because of Noah’s character. I am skeptical as to believe it does exist or not. I think that we are the creators of our destiny and that despite everything that happens in Amelia’s life, she will be able to go on and give herself another chance at love. I still have hope for her and Sawyer! 😛 So I will be waiting for the last book of the Just an Illusion series with impatience. ❤

RATING: 5/5 stars


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