K-Drama Review: Introverted Boss

V3WQlXz1_419c9d_fGood afternoon!
Here I am reviewing another drama. I’m watching less lately, because I am concentrating on books. This one I started it because my fansubbing blog translated it into Italian, and it was such a cute and enjoyable story to watch.

I started this drama because of the writer and Yeon Woo Jin, which I appreciated in his previous works. I’ve gotta say, I’ve liked this drama ever since the first episode despite it had a rough backlash because of the main female character. Yes, she is too nosy in the first episodes, but in my opinion the story gets better as it progresses. It mixes your office romance (but in a very subtle way) with a bit of mystery because you want to find out the back story connected to the beginning of the drama as well. The main point here wasn’t even the romance, but the relationships between the characters. You have this one-of-a-kind boss who is an introvert and acts weird in front of others and have a great variety of different people who work in the same environment, and of course the main female character who is exactly his opposite. You see how they grow together and form strong bonds and work to improve themselves. This drama has many comical moments as well as emotional scenes, and they made my heart flutter because I found them deep and also very, very, cute. You should give a change to the MFC because she shows her personality better as the story goes on.

In the acting department, Yeon Woo Jin was very good at playing the shy boss. Besides being super cute, he brought out a character who is relatable to life, with many layers to his personality that always surprised me. He and Park Hye Soo had a nice chemistry, imo. They were adorable together and shared some emotional scenes. She may have been a bit exaggerated at the beginning with her character, but then she finds her way. If you watched her in Age of Youth, here you’ll see she is able to play a completely different character. Although I liked her performance, I think she needs to improve more. Well, she’s young and has a long career ahead of her, so. The supporting cast was also great. I’ve seen Yoon Park in other dramas as well and I wish for the future that he’ll land a main lead role, I’d like to see how he would do.

The music was cute and tailored perfectly for this drama.

Overall, is surely a drama I would rewatch because it’s simple and light but it makes you think. It was such a pleasant story to watch unfold. If you love comedies, then I think you may like this because it is a refreshing story.

RATING: 8.5/10


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2 Responses to K-Drama Review: Introverted Boss

  1. Vero says:

    Loved this drama so much!! I agree with the points you made as well. I wasn’t expecting to love it as much as I did when I watched the first episode but as the story progressed it just got better and better and it was super cute too!


    • purplebass says:

      Yes! I would have preferred a better treatment of the female lead (I thought sometimes she lacked development) but I can’t complain 🙂


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