Book Review – Dazed Bullet by Serena Kearney

30104201Hi dear readers! This week has just started but I feel tired already. Yesterday I walked for miles to go to a shop I wanted to see and I needed to recharge. The book I’ll review today was kindly offered by the author Serena Kearney in exchange for an honest review. It’s the first one in a series but it can be read as a standalone. 🙂

Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance
Publication Year: 2016
Pages: 146 (Kindle)
Part of a series?: Yes, Book 1 of 3
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Daisy “Daze” Dabbs has anger issues ever since she was young and had to witness her mother abuse her brother Dem. After she and Dem are able to leave their mother’s house, she tries to live the life she couldn’t live before and let her brother be happy. She works in a law firm and one of the things she likes to do the most is go to the gym of the building where she works, to throw punches at the bag in there. And it’s in that place that she always sees Bullet, a mysterious man who also loves to punch the bag. He is big, dark, and alluring, and he has secrets.

Our main female character, Daze, has problems with her anger and gets easily flared up so she sublimate her anger by going to the gym. This is the first time I read about such a character with a quick temper, and it was easy to get in her mind. She is a tough one but has a soft heart, she only needed to find somebody who wouldn’t be scared by her rage outbursts. Bullet has led a dangerous life before his current job and he knows what it’s like to be angered. This is why he is fascinated by Daze, they are different, yet so similar. He was an alpha hero with a smart mind. I liked them both and how their connection was palpable through the book, ever since the first encounter they have. It was like they had a silent understanding just standing in the gym punching the bag. Overall, all the characters were realistic and believable.

The story starts with Daze and her brother Dem’s recount of an event during their childhood. Her mother used to abuse him and she would always defend him. We see how their bond is quite strong and the relationship they had was cute to watch, despite the theme was delicate. The story had also mystery and action elements, but they were superficial as they acted as a plot points but weren’t the main focus of the story. I also liked how mild the romantic scenes were – I am not too fond of authors who write loooooong kissing and sex scenes. The book doesn’t end with a cliffhanger, but we get an epilogue and a bonus scene that prepare the reader for what’s to come. I won’t tell you who are the people narrating these two chapters, but prepare yourself for more stalking and people hiding their true identities! Book #2, Cursed Frames, will be about Dem, Daze’s brother.

RATING: 4/5 stars


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