Book Review: Just an Illusion – Side A by D. Kelly

23481130I have won this book in a giveaway and ever since I did, I expected to receive it and was super eager to read it. I’ve already read a book by this author, D. Kelly, and I knew I would have loved another one of her books. So, I’m REALLY and HONESTLY thankful for winning this book because I enjoyed it a lot. ❤
It is the first of a trilogy and it ends with a cliffhanger, so you need to read it before the second installment comes out on March 30th.

Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance
Publication Year: 2016
Pages: 301 (Kindle)
Part of a series?: Yes, Book 1 of 3
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MILD SPOILERS in this review.

Amelia Greyson is a bestselling author with a past in the music industry. This is why she tries as much as she can to avoid dating musicians and listen to music that reminds her of her past. Her best friend Belle, who is a reported for a famous music magazine, invites her to attend the concert of BAD, Bastards and Dangerous, a rock band that represents all that Amelia is running from. And when their manager proposes Amelia to write a biography for the band and tour with them for a whole year. Twin brothers Sawyer and Noah Weston, the frontmen of BAD, and the moment they see Amelia, both start being attracted to her. They couldn’t be any different, and Amelia struggles to choose one of them because naturally, the other is going to be heartbroken.

HOLY SHIT! That’s all I can say about this book. I had already read another book by D. Kelly, so I knew that this would be my cup of tea, and it was. There are many interesting characters such as Amelia herself and the Weston twins. There’s Sawyer, the wild one rough on the edges and with a guarded heart, and Noah, who is the gentle bro who believes in fate and does a lot of nice actions to benefit others. Personality speaking, Amelia and Sawyer are very similar: she is a tough girl, takes no s**t and puts other people in their place. Because of her past history, she put up high defenses around her heart and is hard for her to let anyone in. But after shee meets BAD and the twins, things changes. Sawyer is the first one to display his interest in her but she is scared about their sparks, because they remind her of her parents who had a similar love story and ended up burning themselves. This is the reason why Mel goes more towards Noah, who is Sawyer’s opposite. Unlike his brother who is open and likes to sleep around, he is nice with everyone and respectful, and even romantic, because he is better at expressing his feelings.

This book deals with Noah and Amelia’s story the most because since it’s a series, I believe she wants to explore both relationships. Like I said, she is drawn to him because of his good-natured personality, but I am not liking their relationship at all and I believe the author decided to put them together because 1) this is a triangle story 2) she wants to save the best (Sawyer) for last. Let me explain why I am not a fan of this couple. Noah is a guy who believes in fate and family. There is nothing wrong with it, except, when he is with Mel, it shows that he is somehow too obsessed with the idea and perhaps, he is deluding himself that she is the woman of his life. He is quick to be the perfect guy, at times he is TOO effin’ perfect, it irked the hell out of me. Guys like that exist no doubt, but I hope that in Side B we will see another face of the coin because I don’t believe that he is the super cool guy all the time, especially when history is probably about to be repeated. Perhaps that’s why the title “Just an Illusion”. Who knows, maybe after the cliffhanger we will see that Mel and Noah realize something, that their love is not what is seems and they believe things are going to get worse because she is indeed attracted to Sawyer as well, although she tries to bury that feeling for the sake of the fraternal relationship of the Weston bros. At some point, I cross my fingers in Side B, Amelia will come to the realization that she can’t delude herself and that she has to face her feelings. Because I wasn’t fond of Noah and Amelia’s “love” for each other. Amelia starts off as a girl with a guarded heart but she is quick to say the L word to Noah and despite she panics because he wants to do things fast with her, she is also quick to change her mind. As much as Mel is a female character with balls, she fell flat for me on that aspect, as if she wasn’t being herself at times. It’s easy to be closed in a bubble with a guy you like and have long love-making sessions where the outside world (and your bf’s sexy bro) stay out. So I am praying that their relationship needed to happen first not only because Noah is more forward with his feelings but also because this way Mel can really understand who is in her heart and do it slowly. Why I think this? Sound silly, but I was reminded of the days I watched Gossip Girl. In that regard, Sawyer and Noah remind me of Chuck and Nate. Even on that show Blair was Nate’s girl (the “perfect” boy) first and then Chuck’s girl and then wife at the end. And this is not the only example I can think of, eheh. All of this to say that I am totally team Sawyer, if you didn’t understand it already. Why?

Well, let’s say I love characters with issues. Sawyer is the night to Noah’s day. Apparently he could look like a playboy with no care in this world, but truth is that he has a good and caring heart. You can see it when he and Amelia converse, he bickers with her but he’s also subtly sweet and shows his vulnerability to her. And she puts him in his place, which I guess is both a great turn-on for a man who is used to have girls sprawled at his feet, and a challenge. Mel is able to stimulate Sawyer in ways his previous flames haven’t, because she is not a doll, she says what she thinks when she has to, unlike the bimbos he usually screws for fun. He is so closed off but people like Mel make him open up and be true. I know he’s being an ass many times, but the reason why it’s his feelings. I guess he realized that he loves her and he can’t handle it. He finds it hard to handle that the woman he’d love for himself, is with his brother. And this has happened once already, if it were to happen again, I’m sure Noah would stop talking to Sawyer for good. Which is why the person in the middle – Amelia – is the one that will make the decision and be open about it. If she realizes that she wants Sawyer, she NEEDS to tell Noah about it not to hurt his feelings. I know it’s sad because in contemporary romances the girl usually ends up with the first character she hooks up with and the other in the background ends up remaining a friend, but things are different here. I see clearly that Amelia doesn’t want to even try with Sawyer because she’s scared shitless that they will suffer like her parents did and her heart would not be able to take it. But in life she has to take risks, otherwise she may end up being with a person she obviously likes but with another she may like more that will linger in her life forever, since in this case the two men are related and I can’t see Sawyer distancing himself from his family for the sake of Mel and Noah. I think he’d die of heartbreak if he did. He’d have a lot of good depressive material to be inspired from for his songs for sure, but it’s hella sad. This is why my heart hopes that in Side B we will see Sawyer’s heart more and that this book will deal with him more than Noah. The fact that no girl besides random chicks who had affairs with him were introduced, shows that his heart is clearly set on loving Mel, and if he spends the night with another or gets drunk is just to cure his bleeding heart. I am super excited to even think about Sawyer and Mel together. I bet he can unlock a side of her that she’s unsure about when she’s with Noah and the reason they don’t convince me as a couple will indeed appear with Sawyer. I imagine their sex would be amazing and more explosive and simple as that, I would love if the reformed bad guy gets the girl in the end. Because the moral of this story is that Mel’s parents had a destructive relationship she doesn’t want to live herself with Sawyer, but since she isn’t her parents, being with him could prove her not to be afraid because not all love stories are the same. Mel could definitely be Sawyer’s muse in terms of his music and he her inspiration when it comes to her writing. GAH, I WANT THESE TWO TOGETHER. NOW. I’M FRUSTRATED.

Okay, now I’ll stop rambling and I’ll only tell you that if you want a nice romance written with a simple yet nice style, you should definitely read this book. It’s a rock star romance book but there’s more to it than meets the eye.

RATING: 5/5 stars


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