Book Review: Finding Karma by Stacy M. Wray

25859547What’s up everyone? Today I finally had my last exam for this semester, so I can fill my life with more books and less studying for a while. The book of today’s post is one I have received from the author for an honest review. I read it super fast because I loved it, and if you like drama free books, you’ll love it too. It is by author Stacy M. Wray and I’ll be sure to check more of her books later.

Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance
Publication Year: 2017
Pages: 342 (Kindle)
Part of a series?: No
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Karma and Braden have known each other since they were kids, but Braden’s sudden move out of Colorado Springs causes them to break apart, until  they meet again during high school and start a relationship. They love each other, but despite this, Karma doesn’t feel like she is living the life she wants to live, and this causes them to separate again. In the years they’re far from each other, Karma does find herself and is finally happy, but she misses Braden in her life, although she tries not to admit it. Thanks to a not so subtle casuality, they meet again after some years, and it seems they aren’t done yet.

This is a lovely story about two people who meet each other very young and that life keeps apart and puts back together. It is the story of how, despite a lot of years pass, two people are still able to love each other despite the hurt and the heartache and that if two people are meant to be together, they’ll find their way back. I’ve loved this story ever since the first page. I expected it to flow with Karma and Braden’s story of their teen years and then with a flash-forward leading in their present life, but I was happily surprised that the author decided to use just Karma’s POV and alternate between a chapter of present time and one of the past time. I found myself eagerly waiting for both timelines to show me what would happen between the main couple, and I liked how the two mirrored themselves and like this made the reader see how the characters have changed in the span of five years.

The story is drama-free with authentic characters who we see improve page after page, especially Braden. His past-self was truly selfish and one of those characters pressed too much by his parents, I wondered if he was ever gonna explode. He always cared for Karma, but didn’t realize that she was accepting to go to the university of his dreams just to be with him and not at her own volition. I’m glad that in the present timeline we see him changed and matured – he needed it. Karma is a strong character who may look weak in the past timeline, because she doesn’t seem to stand up for her dreams. At times I wanted to push her to speak her voice about her passion, but I know fine well she wasn’t aware of what she wanted to do either, so go to UCLA with Braden seemed only natural. I am glad she decided to do what she needed to do, otherwise she would have ended up unhappy and surely, she and Braden wouldn’t have lasted college. As much as it was painful to see them apart, they needed time to figure out their own selves, and it did them good.

This story had its dose of sexy scenes, but like I said, it was drama-free. The moments that could lead to drama were handled in such a way that I appreciated. Sometimes you don’t need over-the-top plots to develop your story. This book proved that the simplest gestures, the normalcy of life, of discovering yourself and love other people, can make a story flow well. I was happy I read this book because it made me think a lot as well. And although in the blurb it kind of tells you what theoretically would happen to the main couple, it was both sweet and bitter (when the moments were sad) to find out how Karma and Braden’s story evolved and it is what it is in the present. The past timeline only enforces their love story and its powerful connection transpires through the pages.

RATING: 5/5 stars


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