Book Review: Torn Away From You by Benedetta Cipriano

33257080The author has kindly given me an ARC for an honest review. ❤

The book I’ll be reviewing today is the debut novel of Italian author, Benedetta Cipriano. Even if this is her first book, I was surprised how she is really able to put feelings into words. She is able to read into the characters and paint their souls. But more under the cut!

Genre: New Adult, Romance
Publication Year: 2017
Pages: 145 (Kindle)
Part of a series?: No
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Hope Marshall is a lost young woman. She has problems eating, going places and be around other people. That is, until the day she casually meets Nate Flanning at a supermarket and he saves her. The two meet again at his gym and from there it starts a relationship that develops quickly into love, until they became each other’s salvation.

Torn away from you” is a story of evolution, salvation and self-discovery. Both Nate and Hope have had traumas in their past and they are not able to recover from those, because they are alone despite they may have acquaintances around them. Hope has an eating disorder, has a lot of panic attacks, and the author was able to describe her situation well, although at some parts I didn’t like how much her being weak was empathized and how much she took to reveal what happened to her, in relation to Nate. What I mean is that it is OK for Hope to take her time, but sometimes it was so out of the blue and irrational, same with her behavior. Perhaps because she’s around 20 years old, still young and immature, that’s why she was like this. I didn’t grow fond of her character but like I said, her psychological problem was written very well. Same with Nate. He suffers from a different kind of heartache that he is able to overcome (somehow) by saving Hope.

The reason why I didn’t give this book 5 full stars in the first place, is how long the internal ramblings of the character were. Don’t get me wrong, I like reflecting upon this and that, but at times I found it too much. The characters had a hard time communicating their scars to each other so it would fit that they’d talk in their POVs, but I would have preferred less internalization and more action. But then again the story is very sweet despite the sour reasons that lead our main characters to behave the way they do, so it is justified. I wonder if the author herself thought about writing them this way or it’s her writing style that is deep and reflexive. I will wait for her next novel to find out. 😉

If you love a love story which is sweet, with not much drama, super romantic and cute, this book is perfect.

RATING: 4/5 stars


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