Book Review: Between the Raindrops by K. Pinson

18069181I was given this book from the author for an honest review.
“Between the Raindrops” is a contemporary romance by K. Pinson. It isn’t your usual romance as it is a book dwelling on a person’s journey towards happiness and acceptance of bumps in the roads while you discover yourself. It is not long but very heartwrenching, so get your tissues ready!

Genre: New Adult, Romance, Psychological
Publication Year: 2016
Pages: 122 (Kindle)
Part of a series?: No
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Wow, what a ride! This book is not very long, but it’s quite intense. The MC, Nevaeh Daniels, is a tough girl with a rough past. She plays the drums for a living, and that’s the only sure thing of her life as she tries to keep her identity a mystery from her band mates. Nevaeh is such a broken heroine who hides behind masks because she’s lost herself after a tragic event happened in her life and this explains why she decides to take on different identities. It explains why, as much as it’s crazy, she accepts to pose as Heaven, her deceased twin. Nevaeh is strong yet she is still wondering what road to follow and who to trust. Her story is pretty messed up, but interesting. I could have never guessed what she would decide to do and the outcomes were always unexpected.

Nevaeh was a very interesting character. As much as I wanted to yell at her for posing at her sister and yell a big eff you in front of her uncaring parents, I understand where she came from. She thought she owed it to her sister and needed to do it for her parents as well, in the hopes they’d see her in a different light. And, among everything, she just wanted to be loved.

Right when the book starts, we see how Nevaeh came to meet Jamison, her band mate and occasional bedmate. They had just a great pull and attraction and I longed to see more of him but I knew that he would appear when the time was right. They both had feelings for each other but feared to hurt themselves, so they hid them away. But perhaps since life isn’t planned out before us, their timing was right (yet). I would love to see a book about them as a couple and how things with the band would go. Please?

I also liked the other characters. Heaven, for what we heard/read about her through her diaries and Nevaeh’s memories, seemed like an interesting one. Too bad fate decided such turn for her, a plot twist between the two twins would have been a great story to tell as well. But like with Nevaeh and Jamison, perhaps Heaven’s life had to go like that. Ryker was an interesting guy as well. His story with Nevaeh was super melancholic and I liked that she was always set on moving on from him despite they had history. I absolutely loved how Nevaeh looked so frail but she was very resolute and knew what she wanted. For me, she was a strong heroine who never gave up and in the end, despite all the losses, she got what she never knew she would get.

RATING: 4.5/5 stars


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