K-Drama Review: Goblin

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Hello guys! I’m finally writing a new k-drama review after a long time. I still watch dramas but I’ve decided that until I’m done, I won’t write a review. The other day I’ve finished with “Goblin” which ended last week and I needed to write my thoughts although they are a bit toned down compared to the complaining I did on Twitter once I was over, haha! Enjoy. 🙂

I started watching this drama because of the talented writer and Lee Dong Wook, and not because it was a “hit”, and I’ve liked it ever since the first episode. The story felt “new” in terms of K-Drama, because not all fantasy projects are crafted well, but it is a classic plot re-imagined in a different way, so nothing really new. It is a simple story twisted in different ways all over again. Yes, this is how a writer works, but what I once thought would turn out to be something unpredictable, has turned to be a plot I had already seen in the drama itself. Let me explain: the story is simple and ever since the beginning the audience knows what’s to come, the problem is how to “solve” the main issue without ending the show how you expect it. In a way, the writer managed to do that, but on another side, she didn’t, because even as I followed the show while it was on-air, I predicted long ago what would happen. Perhaps having read so many fantasy books influenced me, that is what I want to think. In my mind I kept saying “please don’t go to that route and surprise me” but I was disappointed in the last episodes because some plots and characters were introduced too late or not given the space they deserved, as if the writer thought about their fate too late and there wasn’t time to fix that. While the mix between historical drama flashbacks and present time filled with the cute moments between the main couple and the other characters and the bromance between Goblin and Grim Reaper was comic, I felt as if the writer spent more time on the banter than on the actual plot, and some episodes felt like a filler, especially the last 3. But overall, it’s an enjoyable story.

Have both my favorite actor Lee Dong Wook and Gong Yoo (this is the 1st drama I watch with him in it) as the male leads – because as Kim Eun Sook proved in her other dramas, she can give enough screen time to more than one actor – was a pleasant experience. They have great chemistry, their bromance was awesome and it sometimes overshadowed the main couple. I lived for their bickering, they brought me to tears and this doesn’t happen much. Needless to say their acting was great. I loved LDW as the Grim Reaper and he moved me a lot, he was really fit to play a serious and a bit depressed immortal angel of death. Gong Yoo was also a surprise, since this is my first drama with him. I felt like he brought peace o the set, I don’t know. He gives me the aura of a heartwarming person. I’m a bit torn about Kim Go Eun. She is believable as a 19-year-old even though sometimes she used too much aegyo. OK that she’s still a teen, but tone it down a bit, gurl. Like I said, her chemistry with Gong Yoo was there but there were times I didn’t feel as much for Goblin/Eun Tak couple as I did for Goblin/Grim Reaper. Perhaps it was the age gap that made them give the feel of dad-daughter or oppa-dongsaeng, because it depended on the moment. Eun Tak could go to 19-year-old to wise girl in a heartbeat and the Goblin could act like a small child one moment and like a mature guy the next. Overall, though, they are balanced in my opinion. And I liked that in many moments in the second half of the drama where they had to film kisses or couple-y scenes, they seemed very comfortable acting as a couple. Yoo In Na was perfect as a beautiful BBQ shop owner. She was witty and funny and I loved her sense of fashion. I also liked Yook Sung Jae as Deok Hwa.

The music was great, you can tell they spent a nice deal of money and time to make it good.

In general, I would say that this drama is for fantasy lovers the most with a side of romantic comedy. If you’re looking for something mysterious, there are few questions you’re gonna ask yourself indeed, but is not complicated like a melo. Let’s just say, the story is simple and the message the author wants to convey is too.

RATING: 8.5/10


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