Book Review: Groupie by Susan Daugherty

33236624I was given this book from the author for an honest review.

It is the debut novel by romance author Susan Daugherty, and it falls into the new adult genre but mostly is a contemporary romance story that is very clean.

Genre: New Adult, Romance, Clean Romance
Publication Year: 2016
Pages: 257 (Kindle)
Part of a series?: Yes Book 1 of 2
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Lexie Travis is a talented PT at a hospital in Knoxville. Her life is rather normal until her world is shaken up by Jackson “Jack” Morgan, a country singer that has a stage accident during a concert Lexie attends. He is taken to the hospital she works and as a secret task, she is asked to do a PT session to help him with therapy for his hurt ankle and leg. But since he’s on tour, they’ll need to work close to heal what is broken, both in and out of their selves.

The characters: Lexie or “Lex” like Jackson calls her, is your typical small town girl. She is humble, educated, but guarded because of past disappointments. Jack is on the other hand more open and being a singer, he loves to play around, but Lexie will find out that he is not a jerk like she had thought. Since the build up is slow, we get to see and discover bits of their personalities as we move on. I’d say this helped to create relatable characters who acted realistically for a book.

The plot: As I said above, Lexie and Jackson meet by chance and start forming a bond while they need to be close to each other for therapy. Lexie is the only first person narrator, and she informs the reader of what happens in her life day by day as if it was a diary. It was an unpredictable story for most part, but nothing really happened until around the 90% mark! And it saddened me, because the start made me imagine we would see more sparks between our main characters and a more exciting story, but it didn’t happen. Don’t misunderstand me, I liked the story although it wasn’t my cup of tea since I am more of a omg-I-can’t-take-a-break kind of reader. But it’s a very well written clean romance with little drama. Of course I want to know what will happen to Jackson and Lexie since we were left with an open ending, though. 🙂

RATING: 3.75/5 stars


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