Book Review: Fame and Obsession by Cora Kenborn

29902039Hi guys, hope you’re all good after the start of this new year. It surely started well for me, because of this book. It is the debut novel of author Cora Kenborn, and it is very, very, good. Lovers of romantic suspense will love this! It is part of the Lords of Lyre trilogy but the second installment will be published in March 2017.

Genre: New Adult, Romance, Suspense
Publication Year: 2016
Pages: 441 (Kindle)
Part of a series?: Yes Book 1 of 3
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Phoebe Ryan moved to NYC to work as a journalist in a famous music magazine and she did so in the hopes to put her past life behind, after a trauma destroyed what she was trying to build. It seems everything is going smooth until she meets Julian Bale, a man with quick banter that catches her eye but also makes her think about what she’s been escaping from. Little does she know that Julian is a rock star, the frontman of Lords Of Lyre, and that he will do anything to ensure that Phoebe writes his autobiography to keep seeing her around. When the attraction Julian and Phoebe have for each other starts sizzling, none of them is ready for what’s to come: an obsessed stalker will threaten both their lives and their love, as well as secrets from their past will taunt their existence.

You know, in the last few months after I have read a lot of NA books, I realized that I love a good story with a good amount of romance, suspense, mystery. This book has them all. And if you add a heroine that is not dumb and submissive, it’s a great deal. The story is what compelled me to love this book even more. It could look like the usual hot girl falls for hot stud with a jerky personality, but there is more. Besides the unfolding of the main love story, there is also a mystery that revolves around a stalker who seems to see everything but is impossible to find. In fact as a reader I tried to think about who the stalker might be but ended up mistaking all of my guesses. This is how much I was captivated into the story – I adore when a writer knows how to intrigue you and come up with the unexpected when it’s time to resolve a plot point.

Phoebe was also a smart heroine, unlike other ladies I have read. She came from the South where obviously she led another life, to New York. There she started anew and tried to put her past behind. She was a strong lady despite what has happened and happens to her in the book. Her reactions seemed believable and I found myself agreeing with most of her choices. Julian, the main male character, was also interesting. He was an alpha male and acted as one throughout the story and at times I rolled my eyes at him but Phoebe was sort of answering for myself, lol. She isn’t 100% happy about the outcome at the end of the book too, but she’s decided to let it go for the moment. I wonder if in the second book we will see a different side of her and of him, because I find Julian too protecting and controlling at times but I can’t blame him. Phoebe handles his attitude very well but I want to see how she will behave.

Around Julian and Phoebe we had more interesting characters like Zane, Ty, Gage and Faith. I would love if the author will also write a book with the other members of Lord of Lyre!

Will wait impatiently for the second book.

RATING: 5/5 stars


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  1. rockchickcu says:

    Great Review for a Great Book!


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