Book Review: Pros & Cons by Sydney Logan

25225855Roaming around Amazon the other day, I found this book by author Sydeny Logan and it was just what I was looking for. Plus, it was free, so I was even happier. In fact I read this in just a day. I love when this happens; it is a great thing for me as a reader and for the author as a writer.

Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance
Publication Year: 2015
Pages: 282 (Kindle)
Part of a series?: No
Buy it HERE from – As of today, this item is still FREE for anyone and FREE for whoever has a Kindle Unlimited subscription 🙂

Jenna York is a con-artist and so is Ethan Summers. They are technically rivals in this business, until their respective best friends and partners fall in love and get the four of them closer. They always bicker whenever they meet, and their sexual tension is at the max every time so they think about giving in and lean into temptation to get the other off their mind, causing even more sparks to fly. Their ever-growing bond is shaken when tragedy strikes. Their lives won’t be the same anymore after that, and so won’t their hearts. Can they move on together?

Let’s talk about the characters first.
Jenna is a smart woman who is having a con-artist career. Now I don’t know any con-woman but this is one of my favorite tropes everywhere, so of course I’d be hooked on the spot. It only took me the world “con” to make me download this book. To have the career she’s having, you must be not only smart but also good at what you do, because even counting the cards while playing BlackJack isn’t easy. She’s a stubborn woman with a lot of character and from the first lines of the book you know she is in charge. Whenever she and Ethan bicker or tease each other, she is not the type of character who lets the man dictate her actions, in fact she is pretty independent. And I liked this about her.

Ethan is another interesting personality. He’s also a con-artist, and he’s had a life similar to Jenna. They are both lost souls running away from reality in a way, but he’s managed to find his own space. He could come off as a jerk at first, but he is very caring and protective. Perhaps I didn’t like how protective he became in the second half of the book but I understand his point. His resolve isn’t the best at times but he is not the usual alpha male.

Now on to the story.
Like I said, the con-artist trope is one of my faves. I especially like when one cons and the other is tricked, but here it wasn’t like this. The thing Jenna and Ethan were more guarded about, was their heart. And it’s amazing how from two people who barely called each other by name at the beginning, they’ve arrived at the end of the book. This story starts off as a romance but it also develops in suspense e a bit of drama. I guess the elements in between helped strengthen the story even more, because it was easy to have them try to see if they worked and that’s it. I love stories with another challenge in the story itself because they make a plot more deep.

This is a book for those who love romance with a slight action/suspense side.

RATING: 5/5 stars


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