Book Review: Many Sounds of Silence by Alexa Padgett

33238102I was given an ARC copy of this book from the author to give an honest review.

Many Sounds of Silence by author Alexa Padgett is a NA book that is a spinoff of The Seattle Sounds series, but it can be read as a standalone since the series deals with what happened a couple of years earlier.
Genre: New Adult, Romance, College
Publication Year: 2017
Pages: 240 (Kindle)
Part of a series?: Yes book 4 of 5
This book will be available from January 9th, 2017, you can pre-order it HERE from

After a scandal that ruined her reputation, Abbi Dorsey’s life went downhill. She changed college, began to distrust every person who got closer to her and her heart. Until she meets Clay. Clay Rippey is the son of a famous musician and he is a musician himself. He knows what is to be under the scrutiny of medias because you are the son of a celebrity, so when he sees Abbi shying away from a paparazzo at college, he realizes she’s the same girl whose pictures appeared online a few months before, and he sees nothing of the girl the socials claim her to be.

I really liked how this book started, although I am not much of a fan of insta-love. We had a dual POV from Clay and Abbi and we could look into their minds, although sometimes I found their inner thoughts contradicting. Let me explain.

I thought this book treated an argument that isn’t heavily featured as deep. Many NA novels write of slut-shaming, rape, violence and drugs that happen A LOT both in and out of college campuses, but perhaps without focusing too much on the issue or glossing over. This book featured this serious issue to the core, because the MC suffered because of it until the end. I liked the support her male and female friends gave to her, I felt it realistic. The way Clay and Abbi dealt with their relationship was also believable because he also had issues and it was given time to him to resolve his own problems.

What I probably didn’t like enough was how quick Abbi and Clay “happened”. I mean, I understand Abbi has always been the cheerful and free woman she is before the scandal and she needed to trust again to find her own self, but I thought that some of her reactions to Clay’s behavior were too much, and so were his. In a situation like that – where she had feared she had been raped and violated and drugged, I don’t think in her position I would have trusted Clay just like that. Clay is a good guy despite he wants to tell himself he likes to screw around and he seemed to think about this more than Abbi, who, if we think about it, it’s only 18 so maybe that is why the author decided not to delve too much on her sexual trust issues. Maybe if she had dealt about that and we would see her and Clay’s relationship develop towards trusted sex considering the scandal she’s been involved into, we would have needed another 100 pages. But this is just my opinion, I just felt like it was too quick although they don’t “happen” in the early stages of the book. This is one of the reasons I gave it 3.75 stars.

Besides this, this book was rather enjoyable. I didn’t like the confusing behavior of Abbi in some occasions (she was contradicting herself and come out as flat sometimes) but compared to other things I have read, her reactions irked me less.

RATING: 3.75/5 stars


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