Book Review: Through the Veil by Colleen Halverson

28240174 I received this book from the author for an honest review.
Through the Veil is the first book of the Aisling Chronicles series by Collen Halverson. It is one-of-a-kind story which was inspired by Irish myths and legends. Now I am not an expert on the matter, but the way the author developed the story is very deep and detailed; she created a new world with believable characters. There was also a lot of violence, blood and beating, so it may not suited for a person who doesn’t love that kind of stuff.

Genre: New Adult, Romance, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy
Publication Year: 2016
Pages: 400 (Kindle)
Part of a series?: Yes, Book 1 of 2
Download it HERE from

Elizabeth Tanner is preparing her master thesis on an ancient Irish text, The Book of Arranmore, but this volume is not what is seems. Her dream would be get a scholarship from Trinity, an association about Irish studies that could help her get her degree. Finn O’ Connell is a representative of Trinity and an acquaintance of Elizabeth’s professor. When he sees the book she’s studying, he wants it, but from there a never-ending turn of events happens and both Finn and Elizabeth won’t be the same they were when they met.

I am a sucker for paranormal/urban fantasy books because the fact that there’s a fantasy story set in a real world makes me believe it could be true. I love when an author makes me feel like there really is another world that we may not know about. One of the goals of an author is creating new dimensions to take their readers into, and Collen Halverson succeeded.

Through the Veil is a page turner starting from the first chapter. I had to read a couple of them to get into the gist of the story  but it was natural because things were not revealed all at the same time but with patience (as it should be). I couldn’t figure out what would happen next and this is a good point because it is hard to find something that still makes you want to continue and doesn’t bore you.

The MC of this story, Elizabeth, is a common girl who is about to get her degree. Like everyone else, she has dreams, and they include Irish culture – but you find her reasons as you move forward with the story. I generally liked her because she didn’t want to be saved and was a bit stubborn about that, but sometimes I thought she was contradictory. This is not bad, I mean, us human are indecisive as well and a character can’t be white or black. Elizabeth was a shade of grey. I hope things will work out for her because she has been through a lot and we are still at the first book and she hasn’t got her happy ending yet.

The other MC, Finn, was such a finding. He is a man with lots of history, mysterious and a bit skeptical and attached to his duties, but he will reconsider his values after he meets Elizabeth. He is the guy you love to hate because he is also trying to survive in the veil world and protect Elizabeth at the same time, although she doesn’t want him to! It’s funny how they protect each other but I like couples like this. I can understand his POV. He has lived most of his life as a commander and he is obedient but times are changing. He is surely one of those book boyfriends I would like for myself. lol.

There were a lot of side characters as well and I hope the writer will make us see more of them in the sequel, like for example Grainne and Eamonn. I am also interested in the evil characters, because they look like the super evil type that don’t give away their thoughts easily; they are interesting because you will never know what they will do next.

Now I wonder what will happen. We were left with an open ending because of the sequel, but I know things will be alright.


I also wonder if Elizabeth will get pregnant. Everytime she and Finn had sex I looked for signals they used protection but I guess as the hundred years older man that he is, Finn didn’t think about that? Because from what he says to Elizabeth, that is, he hadn’t felt those feelings he felt for her for a long time, perhaps he wasn’t “prepared” with protection at all and acted out of impulse the first night they had sex – in fact he fled the room when she asked him if he had any diseases he could pass her. I think in that moment he realized “OH s***! I didn’t use a condom! Let’s get my ding dong out of her before it’s too late”. But he did it several times… But… I don’t think they have condoms in the veil… Ah, whatever! I’m sorry for my rambling, it was just to point out how I interpreted this. And since they mentioned it at the end – the fact that their relationship is forbidden and she may be killed along with the baby she could bore – perhaps it will happen. I would be glad because I like pregnancy storylines. but we will see in the next book.

RATING: 5/5 stars


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