Book Review: Dick by R.C. Stephens

27866686I received a copy for a honest review.

This is another New Adult book from author R.C. Stephens, and I would suggest it to people who like alpha males stories with some drama.

Genre: New Adult, Romance
Publication Year: 2016
Pages: 256 (Kindle)
Part of a series?: No

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WARNING: some spoilers

Dixon “Dick” Crawford is literally a dick because he’s a known manwhore. He is wealthy, loves his job and his kids. On the night of a gala he meets Eden Jenkins, a beautiful woman he’s instantly attracted to and she’s closer than he thinks. Eden is his son’s school teacher and because of this and other reasons, she is off limits.

This book started off well. I liked the premise of the story ‘manwhore meets pure woman’ and it was executed well except for some parts I couldn’t really stomach… But I’ll talk about that later. This is why the 3.5 stars.

The MC, Dixon “Dick”, is not much of a Dick but he likes to make other people think of him this way not to attach to him too much. He is your classical alpha male who wants to have things under control but not the obnoxious type. He was probably the character I liked the most in this book because he had a personality.

The other MC, Eden, is Dick’s opposite. She is the pure and honest girl who doesn’t want to do any wrong to the world. She is in a lonely marriage with a loveless husband who only uses her for show, and she is sick of it. I must say, at the beginning of the book there were some choices I liked from her, but after some point, I completely rolled my eyes at most of what she did. I understood her reasons, above all towards the end, but I couldn’t agree with her. Most of the book she looked spineless, she victimized herself and always put others first. Wrong! I know you are a nice girl and all, but you also need to think of yourself for once, get out of your comfort zone. Many of her actions were contradicting, in fact she was my least favorite character of the novel.

The other side characters looked better, Ge and Jenna more than anyone. It could be cool to have their own book, eheh. But beside them and Dick, I felt the “heroine” (in all honesty I wouldn’t call her like that) flat and weak. She doesn’t REALLY stand up for herself and her soon until the half of the book, but even there she seems as if she’s influenced by Dick and doesn’t think about what she truly wants and how she wants to deal with things. A character like this is somebody I do not fancy to read in a book. She should’ve been more developed, IMO.

Now let’s talk about the other things I didn’t like much. Besides the flat MC, it felt totally uninviting to continue the reading when Eden and Dick are talking about the fact that her mom left her and then BAM! Her mom calls and says she has cancer and she’s dying and she wants to bid farewell to her daughter. I mean… What? Talk about a psych. This is something that puts me off when reading a book because it makes it predictable. When I arrived at that point I suddenly felt disappointed, because until then this book was worth 5 stars.

Still regarding Eden I also got annoyed at how easily she revealed her things to people like the divorce lawyer and her doctor but to Jenna and Dick she took her time. I know, it’s easier to confide with a stranger, but it’s ironic that a woman in the public eye would do that considering it seemed that she was really concerned about how others would perceive she and Dick talking in plain sight at school. I don’t know, it felt out-of-place.

And again, still about our MC: the whole thing with her husband and how she reacted when he laid a hand on her… I don’t like how it was handled. Domestic violence and the manipulation her husband used on her weren’t the main topic here because this story is more about the romance, but I didn’t like how it was all treated superficially as if the stuff wasn’t important.

I’m saying it again, I would have loved more if our Eden would have stood up for herself. She is a good mom with no doubt (besides for some choices) but she needs to toughen up. If her journey went like that, I wouldn’t have all these critiques to move on her. This and the predictable actions and some lines worth of eye rolling were what lead me to this rating. Besides this, I have enjoyed the book – or else I wouldn’t have finished it.

RATING: 3.5/5


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