Book Review: Endgame by C.J. Daugherty

17978510After the ending of Resistance, Carter was taken by Nathaniel’s men. Getting him back is the main priority and things will have to change after they do that; the war with Nathaniel can’t go on forever and students and teachers of Cimmeria can’t wait to have a fresh start since they are tired of the game the guy has pulled so far. And at least, the game ended… But not with some twists and turns that kept the air at school quite tense. Some SPOILERS ahead.

Genre: Young Adult, Suspense, Mystery, Romance
Publication Year: 2015
Pages: 375 (UK version)
Part of a series?: Yes, book 5 of 5

I am really sad this series is over but judging by the end, it could leave room for another Night School saga with new characters (perhaps with Zoe as a main character and some younger students?) and with our Allie, Carter & company still there but in the background like other writers have done. The series doesn’t have an open ending, if you are asking, but still. The plot was so thick for the entire five volumes that I had to keep turning the page with expectation, and it never happened what I imagined, which is hard to do for me. This book was no exception and until the end I was waiting for more and more. I think it had the perfect closure.

The characters have matured so much ever since Night School, especially Allie and Carter. While reading the last books of this series, I loved them even more and I think they make a great couple because they are similar but they finally balanced each other. And of course the book couldn’t end without their classic line “Stay cool, Carter West” “Always. But I’ve got a question about them that I still can’t answer and it has haunted me ever since I read Resistance. When Allie and Carter are in the B&B at the end and are waiting for Raj’s men to pick them up, I can’t understand whether or not they had sex OR not. I thought they didn’t, but then in Endgame when Allie talks to Katie about this, she says that they did it. Am I fool, then? When… Exactly? I know this is YA and writers can’t write explicit scenes, but I couldn’t figure out when the thing starts and ends… Not even with a fade to black or a *** signalling that it was a new scene or even a mention of it. I’ve read other *sex* scenes in YA books and it was clear what character A and B had done. I’ll have to look if it’s a problem of my book since it’s a four-books-in-one-volume edition that they published here in Italy. And at the end of Endgame, A&C are making out in the ballroom and he says that when she wants to stop, he will stop and it seems Allie’s thoughts in that moment are mixed and she stops because they are late to meet the others, but it could also look as she not wanting to progress to sex yet. Mmmmh…

I will really miss this series. I think I will resort to fan fiction or write some as well if I feel too sentimental. Hope I will find another intriguing, mysterious, suspenseful story such as this. *tears up*

To all Harry Potter, Shadowhunters, Gossip Girl, Gilmore Girls et such lovers out there, you will really appreciate this. 💜💜💜

RATING: 4.5/5


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