Book Review: Fracture by C.J. Daugherty

17345616I finally finished this book last night. I say ‘finally finished’ because I have started to read it at the beginning of October but due to other reviews and other stuff I needed to do, I post-poned my reading. To read my previous reviews about this series, look into the tag. 🙂
Genre: Young Adult, Suspense, Mystery, Romance
Publication Year: 2013
Pages: 375 (UK version)
Part of a series?: Yes, book 3 of 5

WARNING: spoilers.

Allie is a wreck after the terrible event at the end of the previous book. She has a bit of a teenage rebellion until she realizes that it’s useless. She wants to find the spy and try to destroy Nathaniel and save Cimmeria.

Regarding the characters, Allie’s tantrum annoyed me a bit but I’d rather take that than she finally deciding to be with Sylvain. She is still very confused about her feelings for him and Carter and I understand her since she’s still a teen and never truly been in love, but I hope that in the next book we finally get a final choice from her. She can’t want both at the same time, she will have to choose sooner or later (better soon). From how I see it, of course she likes them both but on different levels. Sylvain is a good guy despite he once tried to harass her and he seems to have learnt from that not-so-little mistake that he should stop doing something like that if he wants to keep being Allie’s friend. He is usually there to help her and unlike Carter, he doesn’t give her the silent treatment when things go awkward between them. He is the classic handsome guy with a French accent. Sure, with a nice personality, but that’s just it. I think Allie is fascinated by his looks and his mannerism and that she fooled herself that the empty stomach she feels whenever they look at each other is love, but it is not. I’d rather call it infatuation. Carter is on the other hand, a guy that you think is bad news, but turns out he is not. He is also a good and loyal guy and can be quite sweet, but he is not good at communicating. He is often silent when something goes wrong and ends up acting by himself to solve the ‘problem’ especially when Allie is concerned. He and Allie are two faces of the same coin, they are so similar it hurts. Allie is also somebody who’d rather solve things on her own and wonders, wonders and wonders without asking the other person, which leads to mistrust. In fact she and Carter broke up in Legacy because of this; they didn’t communicate and didn’t trust each other. The reason why Allie thinks Sylvain is her match is because he trusts her without a doubt, which can be a good thing but also bad, because you can’t blindly trust somebody, man. Even if it’s the person you love, I think saying “I fully trust you” is not true. Because the world is not all black or white, it’s also grey. This is why regarding Carter I think Allie loves him. Because he is the guy she always wants to be with, she always wants to talk to and that doesn’t ignore her and make as if she doesn’t exist. But she is so scared to be with him that go to Sylvain who looks ‘easy’ both on the eye an personality-wise, is surely the easiest thing to do. Carter is an enigma, he’s hard to figure out, and love him would mean that Allie’s heart is more at risk to be hurt because the guy is scared as well. This is also due to their upbringing: while Sylvain grew up in a nice and wealthy environment with happy parents who always supported their son, Carter had to live most of his life without his mother and father and in a way, he had to give up his adolescence to mature sooner. He’s the type who is scared to remain alone so he clung to Allie and was jealous and this lead to their break up. But I am sure that the ‘girl he loves that doesn’t love him back’ that Gabe mentions at the end is Allie and not Jules despite she’s mentioned in the line. I was glad that Carter finally spoke up and a bit of their past break up was cleared up. At least they have a clean slate. Thinking about it, this is the first book where Allie and Carter haven’t a scene together in the Epilogue. In book 1 and 2 they always end it with “Stay cool, Carter West” etc. This is another ‘proof’ that they are meant to be.

About the story, it seemed as if a lot happened yet nothing at all until the last few chapters where hell broke loose and our poor Allie and her friends got hurt. It seems that she can’t really take a break from tension, not until Nathaniel will be caught at least. As usual this book managed to be full of suspense and as if it was a young adult thriller, made you question everybody. As of today I still can’t know if this or another character are spies or not.

Well, we’ll see it in the next book which is ready on my nightstand.

RATING: 3.5/5


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