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w19xwer4_dfce72_f After two months of anxiety, tension, drama and crazy plots, this also came to an ending. On a side, I loved that it ended because it was getting into makjang territory and it was turning exaggerate. On another side, I’m sad because it would have been fun to explore more storylines.
For the ones who are unsure on whether or not start this drama now that is over, I’ll say go with it if you don’t mind a serious plot with lots of action and political themes.

There may be some spoilers so read at your own risk.


First things first. Like I said, I really liked this drama. I started because I wanted something along the lines of “Heartless City” and I sort of got what I wanted. The story of the drama is nothing new, we’ve seen it several times and in Korea and in the world right now, the issue is hot. For the whole drama we see how the characters who were supposed to lead a country in the end were either puppets or great actors, playing their role to have the electors pity them and vote for them. Yoo Jin was the master of puppets and Se Joon was her personal puppy. For all the drama we saw how their tension escalated after they both tried to keep their charade on and have their way, SJ for his daughter and election and YJ to get JB Group and stay with her husband despite he didn’t love her. I was surprised at how their ending was handled, but I expected YJ to be either stabbed or shot, and it happened. I thought it would be Je Ha or Anna the one to pull the trigger, but they have some “loyalty” and “good sense” left not to do what she did to them and to innocent people. I think YJ had a suicidal thought calling from a dark corner of her mind: you know, it happens to everyone once in their lives that there is a moment or more than a moment where you think death is the only answer, but your preservation instinct and reason stops you from ending your life. In subjects who have a weak mind (as they are not weak per-se but they let other people’s will to influence their action)  the mind runs wild and clouds judgement, thus letting the external world dictate their behavior. YJ had the luck or the misfortune to have power, so much power that she could literally destroy lives out of a whim – which she heavily did. But by doing this, she lost herself and who she was in the beginning when she decided to marry SJ and get her father’s attention. Too bad he didn’t care enough to stop his daughter, he on the other hand aggravated the situation by marrying his lover and killing Um Hye Rin to ‘help’ his daughter’s wedding. This made YJ even more suspicious, more in need of control and she feared to be left alone so she had the upper hand by keeping Anna away from SJ. At some point, even if Sung Won didn’t shoot her, she would have self-destroyed herself. But I’m baffled that after Je Ha told her that he wasn’t her friend and was playing both sides, she remained still and didn’t try to fight him. Perhaps her obsession for him clouded her judgement, or she simply expected him to be pretending. She decided to die instead of getting into the elevator because of external forces and because at that point if they came out alive SJ could’ve lost the elections after somebody would make public the contents of that SDcard and she would still fight with her bro and lose. Je Ha had the guts to tell her the situation she has been denying all along and imo this opened her eyes. It was surprising to see that her husband decided to stay and die with her, but I guess he was also like YJ in that regard. He looked proud of himself but truthfully, he hated himself for how Anna’s mom died and how Anna had to live because of his marriage that he thought he’d better off dead. Till death did them apart. The Roman suicide (die to maintain the honor) was their catharsis and only way to keep their memory intact in front of the audience who cheered for them. If you think about it, it was a very theatrical death.

Anna and Je Ha didn’t surprise me at all with their actions, on the other hand. I was more unsure about her because she was like a bomb ready to explode and kill everyone in close proximity, but she was mature enough to let go of the hate and suffering despite it was hard for her. In the end she made a thoughtful choice to spread the contents of the card. She would be hit by the revelation as well, but I can see the only thing that matters to her is to live with Je Ha and be happy – it doesn’t matter how or where. Je Ha is the same. He kept his role in action until the end and he got what he wanted despite I’m sure he was a bit sad that YJ died. He may have loathed her but he was interested by her quizzical mind. Not sure how he could fight tons of guys in the last two episodes when he had an abdomen would, but this is fiction so I won’t bother with how much unrealistic this was. Glad that he got his happy ending because the runaway life didn’t seem like a lasting option anyway.

It seemed to me that the writer highlighted too much Yoo Jin’s character and gave little space to Anna, her father, and sometimes even Je Ha. Sure, she was a complex character and she and Anna mirrored each other, but at times I felt she was given more priority compared to the others who were as equally interesting. It was as if writernim knew what to do with YJ and everything went from there. I agree that Song Yoona was a good actress, but the others were really great too. Yoona showed that she can not only sing but also act. I watched her in “Prime Minister and I” and liked her there as well. Here she and Ji Chang Wook developed a great chemistry. Too bad writernim didn’t explore it much because they were really cute. And JCW, you don’t need me to remind you how fit he is for these kind of dramas with action scenes and he’s so sexy even covered in blood and sand or whatever, but I hope he will also do a romcom role or melo with less action before he enlists next year.

In general I liked this drama. If you like political plots with lots of action, tension, suspense and you don’t mind that romance is a secondary plot, then this is really good.

RATING: 9/10


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