Book Review: The Dance by Alison G. Bailey

30078416The author sent me this book for an honest review. And I thank her for letting me read one of my most favorite books of this year.

My, my, my. I’m out of breath and at loss for words. I started reading this book last week and savoured it for a whole eight days not to let it end so soon. Now I have finished and I feel empty, which is a great thing since it means the book did its purpose. Everytime I start a new book, I wonder if I will be bored or interested by it and usually ‘feel’ it in the first 2-3 chapters. With this book there was insta love.

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This is the story of Bryson Walker, a young woman who gets married with her high school boyfriend Will Forsyth. But what and who she believes will lead her to the perfect life she’s ever dreamt of, leaves her speechless and drained in the end, until she can’t make it anymore and needs to sort out her life once again.

Bryson Walker, the main female protagonist, is a relatable character. She is a young woman who is nice and caring that she ends up putting others before her and eventually finds it hard to get back on track after her life has been planned out before her eyes for years. Not going to spoil the book, I will just say that the way she acted was realistic but sometimes she should have moved her ass to try to get what she deserved and needed. I guess the author wanted her to grow towards that with time, which is understandable as not everyone is going to change from Monday to Tuesday. In fact I was completely OK with her losing it sometimes and not being able to be strong.

Will Forsyth is one of the two main male characters. He’s been with Bryson his whole life and he is the classic ‘manufactured’ son who needs to do what mommy and daddy order. Basically a puppy. I have hated him a lot for most of the book. He was realistic as well and reminded me of one person I met in my past. At some point I believed he was un-redeemable, but then I was surprised as how his growth was handled. I was sad that in a way he realized and reflected upon his doings to Bryson late. I guess with him it fits the saying ‘you reap what you sow’.

Hart Mitchell is the other male character. He is important as Will, of course. Both the guys have a strong role in Bryson’s life but we meet Hart in the Prologue. He has been in a lot of things during the years he and Bryson haven’t met, but he became stronger. Hart is a good guy in the disguise of a mysterious guy. If you don’t peel the layers, you’ll never discover what a great man he is. He got in my list of perfect book boyfriends. He had the right amount of everything.

Story wise, don’t be fooled by the blurb. This is a story of what happens after the happily ever after, but not just that. The author showed how people can grow and mature even when they feel like they are OK with themselves and the place they occupy in a family, society, group, etc. Even when life seems hopeless and people stubborn and mean, there is always a way out. There is was too much in this story that I was sad it ended, because it could have continued forever. I loved how detailed and flowing were the descriptions and the situations. Just when you thought something would happen, you were brought into a new whole dimension. I really, really, enjoyed reading this. I would love a book 2, but I don’t want to shatter Hart and Bryson’s happily ever after. 🙂

This is heavily suggested to those who love romantic stories with emotional moments and serious from simple real life issues that anyone could have.

RATING: 5/5 stars


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