Book Review: Dark Ink Embrace by Toni Decker


Here we are again! A new week and a new book review. The one I’m gonna write about today is the 3rd one of a series that you’ve seen me post about lately, The Shoalman Series by author Toni Decker and Kira Decker. You can read the previous book reviews in the TAG dedicated to the series on my blog.

I got this book in exchange for an honest review, but you can buy it here on There are also the links to the other too at the bottom of the blurb. 🙂

We have seen love grow between Lucien and Mandy and Robert and Kyrissa, and now it’s Carmen’s turn.

Carmen Solvak never believed that there would be a chance for her to be a Guardian like her brother Lucien until she stumbles upon Victor one night, and she cannot stop thinking about him. She tries to track him down and when she finally does, a new world of possibilities opens up in front of her. But Victor Rusu doesn’t want her to find him, he has been on the run for months to escape far from his uncle’s wrath to destroy him and the power he bears, since he is a white ink master. He wants to take his bike and run out-of-town once he comes face to face with Carmen, but she could be the only one that can help him save what he is willing to protect with his life.

We are finally knowing Carmen better. She has always been an interesting character ever since she appeared in Book #1 and I was curious to see more layers to her. She is a strong-willed woman who has a bit of a daddy issue that is well-described. I liked how she was always doing what she believed she had to do in order to be happy and make others happy. She wasn’t a doormat person, and her personality balanced the one of her partner in this book. Victor is a mysterious man who doesn’t want ties with anybody because of the strong power he has and that his uncle Emilian wants. At times I thought he was too stubborn, but I understood where he was coming from. He couldn’t trust people because they could lead him into the hands of his enemy. I liked how he slowly crumbles with Carmen because she puts reason into his head. Despite he pushes everyone away, she stays by his side and waits. This is what makes them a strong couple.

The story was not tied to the previous books in terms of villains, if not for the characters we’ve already seen and especially what happened at the end of Shoalman Immortal, so it could be read as a standalone even though I suggest you to read the previous two books. I liked that the authors were able to continue the story and create another ‘monster’ who wants to take on the world. I have no idea if the ink traditions really exist in Romanian culture but in either case, the whole thing is well-crafted. There is a good balance between love, relationships, and paranormal stuff. My only regret is that despite all of this, I couldn’t get to love Carmen and Victor like I’d loved to, that is why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5. There was something that didn’t hook me in this book, that was on the other hand in the second one with Robert and Kyrissa that remain my favorite couple of the trilogy. I will surely check out more books by the authors. 🙂


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