The K2 – Week 3


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We are now at the first high point of “The K2” with the episodes that aired on Friday and Saturday. We are slowly discovering things and honestly, I am amazed every week because this show keeps on being interesting and with a ‘surprise’ element to it. I guess the writer is fond of hidden floors in buildings and heroines who are made sick by others like she did in “Yong Pal”, which I haven’t wacthed but perhaps I will.

Beware, there can be SPOILERS from Episodes 5 and 6.

Kim Je Ha has become one of JSS security last week, much to his collegues’ displeasure. But he is slowly warming up to some of the teammates he’s working more with, because they are seeing that he has a MO that they don’t have and they could learn from him.

His liking in Choi Yoo Jin’s scale is also raising esponentially. Her aunt died and she inherited a large fortune in actions of the JB Group, but the mistress of her dead father and other parents want them for themselves and want her to just play the good wife so that Se Joon will win the elections. Well, guys, this woman takes no shit from anybody but she really looks puzzled when the news are broke to her. Je Ha makes his appearance with an umbrella and burns all the files that could make his boss lose her postion, and the two have a great scene under the water of the fire estinguishers of the shrine. This makes Yoo Jin see K2 in another light; love, perhaps? Because she says that nobody ever did something like this for her and she is shocked that a man who wanted to kill her few weeks before now saves her any time he has the chance (and because it’s his duty). I stand my opinion that the only thing she wants is be loved by someone, because she has daddy issues. Her father discarded her, had a mistress and a son who could become his successor, and her story mirrors Anna’s.  She is doing to Anna what her father did to her: she is keeping the woman far from the spotlight so that her father and her can shine and be loved by the public.

We found out that Anna is the daughter of a famous actress but that she lived with her mother and couldn’t tell a soul who her father was. From this I have to expect that Anna is a daughter born from an extramarital affair her father probably had while being already married with Yoo Jin, because there is this flashback where he learns the death of Anna’s mother and is shocked. Or perhaps he and Anna’s mom already had her out of wedlock and Yoo Jin knew it already when she married him. It looks like the public wasn’t aware of his ties to Anna’s mom, though. Then why he went out with mom and daughter at the Dream Land park? Sounds confusing. Paparazzi could still follow him, mmmh. It turns out Anna’s mother wanted them to go to the USA to be safe but the plan backfired. I wonder why. It was Yoo Jin’s doing all along? Because the suspects point to her because we see she has a “Cloud Nine” underground where she acts as a Deus Ex-Machina with her minions, but we can’t know since so far the death of Anna’s mom is labeled as suicide…

Anna in these two episodes showed that she is truly smart (but we already knew that). She stole J4’s earpiece and documents to pose as her and get to the church where his father and Yoo Jin were attending. She donned a great singing of “Amazing Grace” and stunned everyone. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house and I think her father was moved by both the song and seeing his daughter; I hope he is at least, because he is keeping Anna far away to avoid spying eyes. I understand his POV, but can’t he meet with her in a secluded place? UGH, it makes me anxious because the message that passes – which isn’t far from the truth – is that we are all being watched and if you are a famous person, you are watched closely.
Anna has similar daddy issues as Yoo Jin. The two women can relate because their fathers were both absent from their lives and didn’t have an exclusive relationship with their mothers. For a child to live this ever since young, it’s a trauma, because she will always see the family as a broken institution (which it is on this drama where appearance counts more) and men as traitors. She will have a hard time trusting a man and fall in love with him because she will live with the fear that he will leave her like her father did. So she runs away to meet with the man himself and get the affection she deserves and ends up disappointed when she’s pushed away (clearly). She wants to be loved, and perhaps she can create a bond with Je Ha who is her bodyguard and by default has the job to look after her like a “father” or in this case, like a “big brother”.

Yoo Jin also feels this because she wants to be loved, and seeing Je Ha saving her is fueling her desires even more. She uses control as a coping mechanism to make people fear her and to wrap them around her finger. That is the sole reason she called Je Ha to Cloud Nine with the whim to listen to the story of his life, she wants to know his weakness to threaten him if he ever thinks of running away from her. But Je Ha is not stupid and he makes it clear that friends don’t stab friends in the back. I can imagine Yoo Jin already itching somewhere, lmao. Because Je Ha is so indisponent and independent and doing his job more than he should by saving her when it probably wasn’t really necessary (I’m talking about the shrine thing, he helped her keep her shares but if he didn’t have the nerve to go there when the connection of the pen wore off, he wouldn’t have). For a woman like Yoo Jin that has always been put second when she was a child and as a wife, that is hitting the jackpot. But I don’t ship them as I see their relationship more as a “devoted” one. Je Ha does what he does to survive and because he has morals and he didn’t fall for his boss although he saw that she can have a ‘weak’ side to her.

It is different with Anna, because he first called her a criminal in Spain, then he saw that she is a victim held captive in her own house and she just wants to see her father and do things every girl her age wants to do. We saw how Je Ha was amused by Anna’s antics and cuteness while looking at her in the camera. After talking to her at the end of Episode 6, I am sure he has warmed up to her even more to the point that yes, he is a bodyguard and all, but I think a part of him wants to get Anna out of there even if this would mean risking his own life and he would have to run away again. I think Anna will fall for him sooner or later, but he would need to stop feeding lies to her about her father. I know he wanted to make her happy at the park so that he could escort her back home without a ruckus that could scare her. But Anna already sees the news on TV and heard her father say that he didn’t want to see her, so in her heart she knows that her father is not a trustworthy man and sooner or later she will see his true colors. Je Ha probably feels already sad that he gave her strawberry ice cream that made her have anaphilaptic shock. This is not reason enough to fall in love lol, but anyway I think you got what I mean. Je Ha will perorate Anna’s cause and help her get revenge on her father and Yoo Jin and be finally free.


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