Book Review: For the Love of English by A.M. Hargrove

31445105I received an ARC copy to give an honest review.

“For the love of English” is a contemporary romance book with lots of cute moments and steamy moments as well. Sheridan Monroe is a teacher and she is about to start her first job as an elementary teacher. In her classroom there is a girl, English, that does not only have a particular name but is also very perceptive. Sheridan can’t tolerate her father. Beckley Bridges is a photographer and is proud of how he raised his daughter and he can’t stand Sheridan’s advice as a teacher, so they start with the wrong foot. But little English loves Miss Monroe and she tries all that she can to get her father to like her too, and slowly things develop from there when Beck needs Sheridan’s help to protect his daughter.

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The story is in three parts and is mainly told by the female protagonist, and at times by the male protagonist. This gives diversion and the change of perspective makes the reader understand what the other is/was thinking since the story starts with the protagonists hating each other.

Sheridan is a relatable character in the first chapter. Since I share a bit of “history” with her in terms of who she ends up being and her family’s past, I found myself close to her. I was annoyed by her behavior when she starts using foul language. OK, this is a book, I get it. But it disturbed me a bit because sometimes she said things that made me roll my eyes. Besides this, she is not bad and actually she does stand for herself when she has to.
Beckley “Beck” is meant to look as a meanie when you read the blurb, but he isn’t that much. He is a man who gave up everything when his daughter English was taken outside of his front door six years before. He dedicated his life to her and became successful on his own. When he first appears he may appear like a jerk, but honestly, he is not. I appreciated how he was with his daughter and how he taught her stuff and balanced work and family in a way that English would never feel the lack of a maternal figure. If there is one trait that I don’t really appreciate much, is that Beck is super controlling in the bedroom. I felt that he “commanded” Sheridan too much while they were there, but I saw that she accepted this without complaints because she didn’t have much experience in that department. I would have loved a more bossy attitude from Sheridan as well, because it is fun when women lead the sex.

Overall, the story was good. There was the perfect balance of various factor, but if I have to say another thing I didn’t like, it was the sex. Don’t get me wrong, I love when there is sex in a book and here it was described in detail and well. But I also like it when it’s not much – I mean, a book can be beautiful even without a sex scene. Sheridan and Beck have a lot of sexy scenes but I skipped some of them because they annoyed me and I didn’t love the language they’ve used. Not being prude here, I just like sex written differently.

If you’re looking for a romantic book with twists and turns and with cuteness (English is such a precious child!) this is perfect for you. 🙂

RATING: 3.5/5 stars


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