Book Review: Legacy by C.S. Daugherty

15757366Good evening guys, tonight I’m going to review yet another book that I have finished.
I’m talking about “Legacy“, book #2 in the Night School Saga. I reviewed book #1 a few months ago. The reason why it took me so long to continue this series is stupid, lol. I have read countless books since then, but I was so caught up in exams that I preferred to leave this one that I was particularly liking aside, so that I could savour it when I wasn’t tense for exams anymore, and here I am… Took the book from the nightstand and read it in a few days. How much I love this saga!!! But there were few things that irked me here and there… Let’s analyze.

WARNING: spoilers.

The first book ended with Allie and Rachel leaving Cimmeria for London after the big fire at school and especially in the library where the girl was about to die if Sylvain didn’t save her. She found out about Nathaniel and that she is Lucinda Meldrum’s granddaughter, and her life is about to change now that she knows this, because she is a valuable target. Allie decided to go to Rachel’s house and enjoy a bit of summer and then go to her house, but of course things didn’t go as planned. While in London, she was followed by several men in suits that were part of Nathaniel’s group and she had to return to Cimmeria. The only good thing about that was that she would see Carter again, but when she is admitted into the Night School, could this lead their relationship and other ties to a breaking point?

As usual, this book had it all. Action, romance, suspense. For those of you who read my post, you sure know that I am a sucker for those genres and this is why I love this series so much. The author, CJ Daugherty, used to be a crime writer and you can see it. With this I’m not saying somebody who didn’t write crime before is not capable of writing it, just that perhaps she has more experience on the matter and is able to write mystery after mystery to uncover and literally have you question everybody including the protagonist herself sometimes. On that side, the story was exciting like the one in Book #1, but now that Allie is in the Night School, we see what happens with a closer look than we did before when Carter, Sylvain, Lucas and Gabe (when he wasn’t a traitor) couldn’t talk about with her. Now Allie, who has made a new friend, Zoe Glass is the first player in the battlefield where everybody is trying to gain more power and you can’t know who is telling the truth. To say that I suspected everybody is an understatement. I also suspected my favorite male character Carter West! He is quite complicated to read, because he is this but also that. He does things but then realizes that he shouldn’t. But I’ll talk about this later.
All of the mysteries lead up to the ending where of course there is the highest point of tension of the whole story and there may be some fatalities along the way.

This tome also has Carter and Allie finally together. Well, finally is not a good word because unlike other series, they start dating towards the end of the first book after Sylvain is not very kind towards Allie and she and Carter get even closer than before. I was very sad with how things evolved with them here, but I expected it. The characters are 16-17 and you cannot expect them to be together for good, especially if the saga has five books and this is just the second; you need to make things harder for the couples. And C&A no doubt have some issues to resolve before they can be together. First of all, trust. They don’t trust each other, like, at all. Allie perhaps trusts Carter more, but he doesn’t, above all when Sylvain is involved. He was too jealous just because she talked to him and because of the past. Sure, I also got quite shocked when he almost molested her during the Summer ball, but the guy has tried to be forgiven by her so it’s her choice to forgive him and if she likes, still talk to him from time to time. If it had been me, perhaps I would have ignored Sylvain and exchanged some words with indifference. But Allie is not the vengeful person that I am and she is surely attracted to the guy to deny herself the enjoyment of talking to him or see him. Other than this, Carter is super protective of her. She can’t do anything that he wants her not to do it. I understand where he’s coming from. He is alone and is afraid Allie may die in this mess that Nathaniel is creating; her life has been at stake more than once and she has the scars to prove it. But he needs to trust her… Trust that she will be OK and that she is capable of taking care of herself. He needs to be less unsure of her and of himself. In his POV chapter of the Winter ball, he says that she is too undecided about what she feels for him because he sees her leaning towards Sylvain as well but Allie thinks the same of him. They should come forward with their feelings, because IMO they believe the other is not serious. Carter got mad easily not only because of trust issues, but also because he bottled up his feelings. For Allie is the same. She “thinks she loves him” but she hasn’t admitted the word LOVE to herself out loud because she is scared – they both are. Then the easiest thing to do is lie and don’t communicate and let each other go, yet still holding on. Carter has to also learn how not to think he is unworthy of people. I believe he thinks that no matter what he does, Allie is attracted by Sylvain because he is like a prince in shining armor while he is just the party ruiner. In Carter’s chapter POV he is with Jules, that is an old friend. She is more forward than Allie, she says the things exactly how she wants to and goes straight to the point. She tells Carter that she won’t ever leave him because she cares, and he thinks that those were the words he had always wanted Allie to tell him but she didn’t. The reason why she’s been silent, I have written it above. These youngsters are both scared, and now they will spend some time apart using Jules and Sylvain as a rebound until they will grow more and finally be brave about what they feel in their hearts. I can see this going this way, since C&A are the ENDGAME of the story (funny how the last book is also called that way). Their lives parallel too much. While Carter was with Jules, Allie was with Sylvain and more or less they thought and did the same thing. This means they are on the same wavelength and are using the same defense mechanism to avoid being sincere and trustworthy. It’s easy to act more free with somebody who doesn’t hold your heart in their hands and could crush it with a word.

Speaking of which, this is the reason why I won’t ever see Allie and Sylvain fit for each other. Sylvain is praised by Allie the whole time ever since his first scene. “WOW HE IS SO BEAUTIFUL!” “HE IS SO CLASSY!” – say what? The fact that he is more open about his feelings and supports anything that Allie wants to do, doesn’t make him real. On the other hand, he could be the best actor around there. In Book #1 this was sort of demonstrated by his almost-molest act on Allie. He acted all cool, behaved like a gentleman, but ended up wanting the same damn thing from this girl he seems to be caring so much about. I know, he is trying to repent what he did but it’s not enough. Not when you get out of the shadows like a creep or a seasoned stalker (which, thanks to the Night School he could as well be). I am so mad at Allie for idealizing Sylvain, almost. Get back on earth, gurl. He is not acting like he actually is a God, but who knows he may be taking advantage of this because he knows fine well that she cannot resist his charm. With this I don’t want to say Sylvain’s feelings for Allie aren’t real. But I would analyze my conscience first. I think for all that matters, we will see how this will unfold. Now that Allie and him are probably going to date, she will test her own heart and this may help her realize who is the guy she wants to be together with (DUH, WE ALREADY KNOW WHO SHE’LL CHOOSE). Sylvain was sort of “whim” for Allie, in my opinion. It’s like seeing a cake of a taste you’ve never eaten and one you’ve liked and ate a lot. You are tempted by the first one but you are not completely sure. Perhaps trying it will make your ideas clear about whether you like it or not.

In the end it always comes down to this! Sorry! But I like to discuss people’s relationships, even if they are fictional. Now I can only finish this review by saying that I’m excited to read the sequels and that I can’t wait for this moment to pass. In the meantime, I will try not to let it bother me, lol. In the end, it’s just a book.

RATING: 4/5 stars


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