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Yo, guys! This evening I’m going to make a comment on tvN’s new drama, The K2, which airs every week on Friday and Saturday at 8pm. Only four episodes have aired so far, but they were enough to keep me on the edge of my seat and super super interested in the storyline.

Number of Episodes: 16
Genre: Action, Suspense, Political, Thriller

Plot: Kim Je Ha (Ji Chang Wook) is an ex mercenary who worked for special forces and is now on the run because he witnessed something he shouldn’t have that concerns one of the runners for presidential elections, assemblyman Jang Se Joon (Jo Sung Ha). To protect him, his wife Choi Yoo Jin (Song Yoon Ah) tries to get the mysterious man but ends up hiring him in their security team. Je Ha’s job will be protecting the assemblyman’s hidden daughter Go Anna (Im Yoon Ah) who cannot be discovered before the elections take place.

Review of the Story so far: Wow, I actually had a strong feeling about this and I wasn’t wrong. It took me just a few minutes in the first episode to get hooked to this. The K2 begins with lyrical music and has a great “masterpiece” feel all along, because often times music replaces words. There are a lot of fight scenes or dramatic scenes where there is only music and you only see the drama unfold before your eyes in touching ways I have rarely seen lately. Like I said, there is action. The fight scenes of Kim Je Ha againts the baddies are so cool, they are filmed with a 360° camera that rotates around the fighters, making the viewer see the experience in a cinematic way and from every angle. These scenes are done so well and are really long but strangely, they don’t bore me. I am no expert fighter (lol) but they do seem realistic considering the training the character must have had in the special forces.

Characters: The protagonist, Kim Je Ha, looks like a bad guy who doesn’t love being in contact with anybody and this is half a truth. He’s lived most of his life on mission and because of his job we see that he got attached to just few people during his service, but we also see that he can be quite cute when he interacts with people. He has PTSD because of an event that happened while he was in the special forces and because of this, he isn’t able to perform one duty of his mercenary job anymore.
The wife of the assemblyman, Choi Yoo Jin, is quite an interesting character. Not that Je Ha isn’t, but he is more clear to me than her, who starts off being a total actress. We see her being all lovely during an interview and be embarrassed by the reporter but then, when she removes her make-up, we realize that she was putting just an act. I’ve called her bitch in the first two episodes but now I realize that her character is doing all that she can just to be loved by her husband. Speaking of which, assemblyman Jang Se Joon is the classic man who cheats on his wife with younger girls but she still covers his ass with fake smiles. He looks like the victim sometimes, because Yoo Jin threatens him with his daughter, but he is just a player like her because he wants to become president. Who would call him stupid, eh. I’m sure people will fall for his lies.
Go Anna is lastly the daughter of the assemblyman. I put her last not because of importance, but we got few info about her until now. She is an enigmatic character who has socio phobia ever since she saw her mother’s death and is convinced she killed her. She was kept far away from his father in a monastery in Spain. No wonder she is afraid of others, but I think this is a half truth because you see the main leads meet in the streets in the first episode and she is running away but looks OK. Of course, OK for somebody who is running away from someone. XD In my opinion she wants to be seen as problematic, but she is just a simple girl who wants to be free. I guess now that Je Ha is finally put closer to her, he could help her overcome her panic disorders and maybe she could help him as well.

Acting: I have watched Ji Chang Wook in “Healer” last year and I loved it. He has such a deep voice and cute face that is able to make a variety of emotions. He is such a puppy. He is really great in action roles and I was sure that I wouldn’t be disappointed by his work her as well.
As for Yoona, I already watched her act in “Prime Minister and I” a couple of years ago, except there she had a cheerful role. Here she her acting has been mostly with actions rather than words because her character is really silent, but I have to say I’m impressed because it is hard to convey feelings with your face only – there is art even in that. Hope to see more of her and the main lead because at the end of Episode 4 there were cute moments. Song Yoon Ah and Jo Sung Ah are veteran actors and experts. She is really good at playing the cold bitch who has emotions deep down. She has a way to show her true heart with facial expressions that is as thin as a knife. I was surprised several times.

Do you love political dramas? Do you love action? Then watch The K2 as well to see great storylines and acting! 😀


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