Book Review: A Rose by Any Other Name by Helen Bell

30358639Wow, you may be thinking ‘How come all of these posts in one week?’. That’s not my usual posting style, I know, but this is probably one of the last weeks before classes at Uni start and I have more free time to read and watch shows and I am savouring it. The thing is easier when I read new books that I enjoy so much and finish in roughly a day and half. It’s the case of “A Rose by Any Other Name“, the debut novel of author Helen Bell.
It is yet another new adult volume and it has a lot of suspanse, that is one of the reasons I got probably into it.
I usually add books to read because the blurb is interesting, but it often happens that when I finally read them, they don’t live up to my expectations. This book was different, though.
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A Rose by Any Other Name…” is a contemporary romance book who is told from the perspective of Emma Winstead, a sophomore at University who is really clumsy that she often bumps into people by accident including Ryan Damon, a popular guy in the campus because he is the son of a famous actor who was killed along with his daughter and wife a lot of years ago. Emma has to code a website for him, and the two meet often at his house and slowly bond and heal each other.

I read this book in a day and half. I started reading it in the train while I was going somewhere, then read some more to the point that I couldn’t stop. It is super flowing and written nicely, that I had to finish it soon because I turned a page and the following begged to for me to continue. It is a complicated love story but simple at the same time.

Emma is a very relatable character. She is the classic introvert with low self esteem who isn’t friends with everybody. Her actions were quite realistic as she pondered her thoughts in the book, though I did not agree with one abrupt choice she makes towards the end of the book, but I saw where she was coming from.

Ryan is also very human and at times stubborn, he believes the worst of himself but in the end he is such a sweetheart. He often comes to help Emma to stand up for herself, although perhaps he is possessive (but in a good way). I completely fell head over heels for him, everyone should have a Ryan Damon in their lives.

Besides the budding romance between the protagonists, the author talked about various themes in her book and I feel that she was able to give a nice input on some problems that still exist in campuses around the world, bullying, obsessions, scandals etc. in a realistic way, although I ask myself – is bullying really that extreme in the USA? Because I am not American and over here there sure are bullies but they do not go beyond some limits besides some rare cases.

If you prefer a love story that starts off slowly and the layers of the characters are peeled off once at time but they are not predictable, then this is the book for you.

 RATING: 5/5 stars

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