Book Review: Images Eternal by Toni Decker


*I was given this book for an honest review*


Images Eternal” is the first book of the Shoalman Chronicles, which is a paranormal romance and new adult trilogy. This book can be read as a standalone because the story of the couple ends here, but I would advise to read the following books as well because not all the questions were answered.

It is by author Toni Deck who is actually part Toni and part Kira Decker, and it was published in 2014.

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Images Eternal deals with the story of Amanda “Mandy” Hayworth, a young woman with the passion for music and photography. She keeps a blog on the music bands of her town and it seems as if she is so influential to the point that these groups sink or shine thanks to her words. She also has a gift, she can read people’s auras through her pictures.
A group Mandy has endorsed in the past, Demon Dogs, is in need of a new feature on her blog because they have just changed singer and they need a boost. The new singer is Lucien Solvak, a mysterious dark-haired guy with deep blue eyes that doesn’t want his pictures taken for Mandy’s article. Mandy is intrigued by the reasons and the secret Lucien may be hiding or protecting, and while she tries to get to know him, she also finds interesting facts about herself.

Ever since the first words of the first chapter, I knew I was gonna love this book. It is in the third person POV but the personalities of the characters are shown very well. I love how the characters and their actions are described because you can tell the authors (Toni and Kira Decker) did an amazing job creating the atmosphere of this series. The characters are far from the stereotypes and they have a mind of their own. Lucien is not your usual playboy who treats the woman with no care until he has sex with her. He is a young guy who has insecurities and is kind of cute. He wants to follow his dreams and stay with the girl he likes but also dedicate himself to his duties. Mandy is also not your usual woman. She is feisty, she wants to find love but she is also scared to be deceived, that is why she protects herself from others behind her camera. Things change when Lucien and Mandy meet. They are protecting themselves because they think the other may not understand how they live and their responsibilities, but they soon discover that may not be true; they can actually help themselves and each other through their journey to protect who they love and stay together. I would love for their “job” (let’s call it like this not to spoil who reads the review) to be explored more in the second book. We were told what Lucien does and I got what is Mandy’s quest as well, but the characters who had to explain things, let’s say it ike this, haven’t directly said “hey, you’re this/that and these are your origins”.

Besides this, I can’t tell anything bad about this book, because I loved it in its entirety!

If you love new adult books with a slight fantasy/paranormal touch and a strong female character who doesn’t have men ordering her things, this is the book for you.

RATING: 5/5 stars


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