Book Review: The Ascension of Laney by Kris Hack

25794391This book was provided in order to get an honest review.

New week, new book! This time I was really quick to read because I am studying for my last exam of the semester and I fear I will have less time to read. *sad face*
Today’s book is another new adult and paranormal romance story. Recently I am trying to read more of these, because I probably feel annoyed by regular stories and fantasy elements make some things more enjoyable.
This is the first book of a series, the ASCENT, which has three books currently published and it should be finished, by author Kris Hack. This is her debut novel.

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Laney is a normal girl who studies business at university. After five years apart and after he left her all of a sudden, her ex boyfriend Kassidy “Kass” reappears in her college and she is confused. She doesn’t want to see him and doesn’t know why he is back, but soon will discover the reasons why, as weird as they may seem. Laney is an “ascent”, a person who has the special ability to manipulate elements, but she has to ascend to get her powers or she will die. Kass and his friend Miguel will help her through the process, because an imminent war is bound to destroy the whole world and Laney could be an important key to either destroy or save the Earth from fallen angels. Among all of the revelations, can Kass and Laney find their way back to each other?

Let’s start off with the story. he idea on which this book is based, that is angels and fallen angels, is not new. The idea of Ascent is on the other hand something I have never heard of and that is interesting. The author doesn’t give us much info about Ascent and who they are and what is their role in the world of angels and their enemies, but I believe she does it because this is the first book and it is a sort of ‘intro’ to the trilogy. I hope we know more in the following parts of this series, because the whole concept looks intriguing enough for me to keep reading the sequels; in this nothing major happens until the last quarter and it could have been more awesome if the story had more suspense moments. It seems as if much time was wasted to give a back story and slow down the pace until the last revelation, that leaves the reader astonished because the book ends just like that.

The only thing that probably should have been expanded, are the personalities of the characters. They indeed have some ‘character’, but I felt as if they weren’t defined enough and they were too detached for me to get close to any of them. They should have been more complex. Perhaps a third person narrator would have sufficed the task better. I think that this is what this book lacks, otherwise, I would have given it five stars. I wonder if the sequels dig more into character’s personalities, because that would give this book a whole new plus of coolness, because in my opinion it’s a really good one and I could see it become a bestseller!

I would suggest this book to those who love paranormal romance books about angels and fallen angels.

RATING: 4/5 stars


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