Book Review: Dream Magic by Michelle Mankin

29926962“Dream Magic” is the second book of the MAGIC saga by author Michelle Makin. A few weeks ago I posted the review for the first book, “Strange Magic“, and I suggest you to read it if you want something new to read this last few weeks of Summer.

This is a New Adult book with some twists and lots of paranormal elements which made it an interesting read. We left off Book #1 with a happy ending. Thyme and Billy, the main characters of Strange Magic, were finally happy but their enemy, the ruler of the In Between Apollyon was still alive and breathing and he wasn’t happy that somebody could aim to destroy him and his desire to conquer the Underworld and use immortals at his liking.

I suggest you to read Book #1 first if you don’t want to be confused by what happens in Dream Magic.

I was given this book by the author for an honest review, you can purchase it here on AMAZON.

In the first book of this series, we got to know Billy Blade and Thyme Bellrose and found their heritage. In Dream Magic the story focuses on Thyme’s underworld friend Morpheus, also known as the Dream Falcon, a man who is also a mythological sort-of-creature with his set of black bluish wings. Morpheus is happy that things between his friend Thyme and his new-found lost brother Billy are going strong, although he feels a longing towards the woman he tries to conceal because he is his brother’s Fated companion. When Thyme is kidnapped by Apollyon, he and his brother are set to find her with the help of her father Bacchus and they seek the help of a seer at Phoebus’ court. The seer is a Puerto Rican woman called Cecilia Ramirez y Aguilera, who was imprisoned by Phoebus years before because of her precious ability to locate people.

The book is divided in two parts like Strange Magic. In the first one we have a long but intriguing back story of Cecilia’s life before she and Morpheus met. We see how her parents die and how she and her sister Millie are taken captive in Phoebus court as slaves and the difficulties that come with serving such a mad and racist king. The second part is when we get to know more of Morpheus’ character than we did in Strange Magic. I was happy he was the protagonist because he was fascinating enough in that book and he didn’t disappoint. I can say Morpheus is so far my favorite male characters. Cecilia is a strong woman who wants to save others at the cost of her life and she doesn’t trust anyone after all that she’s suffered. Morpheus is a man who can see through her tough exterior and the two share an interesting bond that gradually blossoms until the end of the book. The characters slowly start to accustom each other and they don’t do things out of the blue like in some other books. I liked that the author was good at creating tension and action in a way that I wouldn’t expect. This book is a serious page turner and I am not surprised easily. There is rarely a filler in the whole book. The actions happen one after another and leave the readers with their mouths open as they turn the pages; that is at least what happened to me. I was asking myself how things would get resolved in the end and I was happily relieved that the author executed the plot in unpredictable ways. I am waiting for the last book of the trilogy, in fact, which I hope will be published soon. We need to see how the evil ones will perish and if all of our couples will have their happy ending! (Which I believe will happen).

Recommended to those who love new adult books with paranormal and fantasy elements and characters who have a personality and a story that is not the usual repetitive romance plot.

RATING: 5/5 stars


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