KDrama Review: Come Back, Mister


Come Back, Mister is a drama that aired this winter-spring on SBS starring Rain, Lee Min Jung and Oh Yeon Soo. It fell short of ratings probably because it was in the same slot of Descendants of the Sun (I don’t get the hype, seriously) but it doesn’t mean it wasn’t good. On the other hand, this is a drama that after a long time engaged to keep watching.

The drama tells the story of two different men who had a hard time caring for the people they loved. Kim Young Soo (Kim In Kwon) works in a prestigious mall and is too dedicated to his job that he is overworked and hasn’t time for his wife Shin Da Hye (Lee Min Jung) and daughter Han Na. To make amends to his wife, on the day of their anniversary he takes her to a famous pub run by an ex thug, Han Gi Tak (Kim So Ro) that has to deal himself with his ex girlfriend and woman he’s loved his whole life, top star actress now involved in a scandal, Song Yi Yeon (Lee Ha Nui). Because of a strange course of events, both men will lose their lives on the same day and will meet at an imaginary station in the afterlife, where God will judge whether they are suited to go to heaven or hell. Here they rebel because they think they deserve closure since they didn’t die because they wanted to, so it is decided that the two can return for two months on Earth but they cannot reveal their identities nor seek revenge. Kim Young Soo returns as the attractive and smart Lee Hae Joon (Rain), while Han Gi Tak is reborn a woman, Han Hong Nan (Oh Yeon Seo). Will they solve the mysteries surrounding their deaths before time is up?

The first brownie point of this drama goes to the story. At first I thought it was about ghosts who posses bodies like on “Oh My Ghostess” or “Master’s Sun”, but I was wrong. This drama is nothing like the ones I mentioned, because here the two protagonists really get a second shot at life but it is not for long, because otherwise everyone would want to die to get a second chance in the body they’ve always wanted to be born into. This fact alone brings many funny situations that create enjoyable havoc in the world of the drama, like no other project has managed to do lately from those on the list I wanted to watch; believe me, I rarely laugh. Come Back, Mister has an entangled story but it is full of twists and turns and I literally watched without expecting what would happen on screen, which is another good point because it is hard to find a writer who is able to write something that doesn’t annoy the audience. Each point that the drama puts of there, is resolved in a way you wouldn’t expect, leaving you wanting more. It was also good how the romance was handled. This drama wasn’t a romcom, it was more about the love (or hate) of the characters for their loved ones and family. There is a LOT of bromance and sister love (can be called sis-mance?!) and that is the major romance that you’ll find in the story but it is written in a way that you won’t miss the *actual* romance, because everything is like it is for a reason, and it was way more realistic than those love stories where the characters kiss after four episodes. Couldn’t understand why this didn’t have higher ratings. The actors were all good, the story too, it wasn’t messed up like other ones! Plus, everything is kinda explained at the end.

The acting was great on all sides. Even the kid actors were good. We had veteran actors like Kim Soo Ro and Kim In Kwon who created a strong bromance between the main *dead* leads and younger actors like Rain who was able to be funny and comedic but also show a melancholic side of his character. His friendship with Oh Yeon Seo’s character was really believable and she also was able to pull off a manly character reborn as a woman. Her scenes with Rain are one of the funniest of the drama, haha. Lee Min Jung seemed more like a second lead in this drama. Compared to other of her works, she was quite laid-back. On this drama we also had Choi Won Young who plays yet another insecure and manipulative character. Like on “I Remember You” where he played a psycho, this part suits him very well. Hope in the future he acts in a drama where he is not crazy, though!

The music suit the mood of the drama very well. There were sentimental songs for the sad/reflective/longing scenes and pop music for the funny moments or the fight scenes – yes, this drama also has action!

I would advise to watch this drama if you’re looking for a compelling story that comprehends action, comedy, drama. It has them all, and they also combine quite well because you discover things step by step and they don’t seem to be thrown out there. If you want a romantic story stay away, because there is the love but it is a more of a family and friendship kind.



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