KDrama Review: Que Sera Sera


Today I’m going to review another old K-Drama that is considered by many a must-watch, but is also hated by some others because of its plot. I am in between and I’m still torn about my judgement about this project.

Que Sera Sera” aired in 2007 on MBC and it wasn’t a typical drama. Compared to others that air nowadays, it was more mature and featured a strong story with the usual cliques that ended up in a more realistic way, perhaps as to show that life isn’t always happy and although it’s fiction, it doesn’t have to end well and perfect all the time. Literally the title means this. Like the homonymous song, que sera sera means “whatever will be, will be”, we cannot predict the future. The title fits the drama perfectly.

The story is rather simple and one we know well. Kang Tae Joo (Eric) works as an employee in a company and dreams of a rich life. To attain this, he goes out only with wealthy women who give him several gifts such cars, watches, etc. Upon returning home one night, he finds Han Eun Soo (Jung Yu Mi) sitting in front of his door. She claims that her sister lives there and believes she shares the flat with Tae Joo, but he denies that and treats her badly. Truthfully, Eun Soo had mistaken the apartment her sister lived in, and when she finds her, she decides to stay with her because her sis is a minor and has a major heart problem, thus she can’t live alone. After becoming neighbors, the two start meeting frequently and Eun Soo starts to develop a crush on Tae Joo, that he brushes off quickly because the girl isn’t rich and is not his type, he says. While this happens, in fact, Tae Joo is offered something that can change his life for the better and he doesn’t want Eun Soo to make it go wrong. He meets Cha Hye Rin (Yoon Ji Hye), a rich heiress that wants him to play her fiance to make a statement in front of her father, promising Tae Joo money and a good position at her company. But Eun Soo will also find somebody who wants to help her have a better life, the department head of Hye Rin’s company and her half-brother, Shin Joon Hyuk (Lee Kyu Han), who sees in the woman a person who cannot lie to him like the people in his surroundings. The lives of these four different people will interlace in a way that will make you either bang your head on the wall or stick your eyes to the screen to see what happens next.

This is basically the plot, I’m sorry for having to describe you a lot, but that is basically all that is to this drama. The story is always the same with the naive girl and the egocentric bastard and the rich girl and the good guy who wants to get revenge. The couples get matched and mismatched often during the course of 17 episodes (why the need to extend? ah, perhaps because it had good ratings…). We see how Eun Soo and Tae Joo’s relationship grows and then gets destroyed by the ambitions of the male lead. The same goes for the other couples, the characters have a complex journey and it seems like they haven’t matured much by the last episodes, as if the writer wanted to show that changes happen with time, in fact we only really see the four “reformed” and matured in the last minutes of the 17th episode after the flash forward. The whole drama makes sense, but I hated the on and off relationships between the main characters. I know they vacillated on whether they wanted to pursue love or wealth, but at some point this had to end. It ended too late, imo, and up until the end the second leads still questioned their partner’s choices, making this jealousy charade a tad annoying at times.

On the acting side, needless to say Eric and Jung Yu Mi make a perfect couple. No doubt Eric is a star and lately is living his moment of success again. He is such an outstanding actor and is able to portray realistic characters. His Kang Tae Joo was a guy who mistreated women and didn’t care because his only aim was money and whatever money could buy. At times he was really narcisisstic and egoistical that you could believe he was really like that. He was able to show us the redemption of his character. Although I would have loved more development on his part, I felt like how he acted and the consequences of what he did showed the audience that thing I talked about earlier, that life doesn’t always go like we want. He and Jung Yu Mi had an amazing chemistry on screen and I loved their interactions; they were able to transpire passion on a korean drama because of their not-so-standard kisses for a drama of 2007. Jung Yu Mi portrayed Han Eun Soo well too, although at times I felt this character was flat because she was silent and often closed herself to the world. The other protagonists did a good job as well even though they were despicable in some parts.

In conclusion, this is a good drama but I wouldn’t rewatch it because I think it’s repetitive and at times cannot be interpreted well. There were some parts that made me roll my eyes because they weren’t explained like you would expect, but nothing compared to other dramas. I would suggest to watch this drama if you love the main actors or you love melancholic stories with a usual plot but not a usual storytelling. It is a very mature drama so if you’re looking for a romcom or something with laughs, this is not a drama for you.

RATING: 7/10

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