Book Review: Night School by C.J. Daugherty

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It’s been so long I actually believed I would not post before summer would finish! I never went too much without posting a simple entry, but I had a lot to study for the exams at Uni that naturally, blogging was pushed down at the bottom of my to-do list. The book I am going to write about today is a volume that I picked from the shelves because of a suggestion. I already wanted to buy it, but the editor that publishes it usually prints a big book with all of the tomes of a specific saga at a better price after all of the volumes are out, so I waited until they did it with this one (I was just a bit disappointed that they didn’t include the last installment but it hasn’t been published yet in my country).
When a friend told me about this saga, I already knew about it because I saw it a lot of times in the bookstore. The cover (not the one illustrated on the left) was alluring enough and I knew I was going to like it. In the end, I really liked it, but I was surprised because it had nothing paranormal and typical of urban fantasy like I thought.

Synopsis first.
Allison “Allie” Sheridan is a rebellious teenager that is expelled from every school she goes to. Her parents, fed up with her behavior, decide to send her to a new school, Cimmeria Academy, where they think Allie can be helped. In this school any technology is banned, and Allie feels like a fish out of water because the students are particular and privileged, nothing like her. She soon starts making friends with Jo Arringford, a rich and lively girl who seems to find Allie cool, and starts to be in a love-hate relationship with Carter West, a guy known to be a womanizer in the school, and Sylvain Cassel, a sort of adulator that seems to be loved by the whole school. Among these people, Allie realizes that at the academy there’s more than meets the eye when weird things start to happen around her, and there’s a secret group of people who do secret tasks and more. This group is the Night School, and its members are looking at Allie with suspicion. Why is it that she’s so special? Is there something her parents haven’t told her?

Like I said before, I believed Night School was a paranormal romance and urban fantasy book. My friend said: “you know, it’s a bit like Shadowhunters“, so I thought there would be magic in it. Nope, there’s nothing like that in this book, which it makes it more interesting because you can actually kid yourself that all of the conspiracy theories included in it could be real (and I believe in some). Lately I find it very hard to read a book I enjoy thoroughly. Yes, I may like the premise and the story in general, but to completely be enthusiastic about a book, I need to “fall in love” with it, if you know what I mean. There has to be something that keeps me going, or the story fails in my opinion, or according to my tastes.

The first pages of this book went slowly because I could only read before bed and I was often too tired to keep my eyes open and go on. But then, when the book was heading towards the middle, I started enjoying it so much that I stayed up later than usual to continue reading it. Perhaps what kept me turn the pages was the mystery. You don’t know what is happening around the characters, and what the Night School is – although that was easy to guess. But that was not the point. I mean, yeah, the book is about Night School as an organization and what happens in it, but the thing is actually bigger because there are people who are plotting things and the protagonist herself isn’t aware of why she is in the middle and she’s in danger. That and all of the other mysteries are what makes you continue. You ask numerous questions and get only few answers in return, but that’s OK, this is only the first book and I like the suspense. I like when things get “dragged” but in a cool kind of dragging. Speaking of which, I want to thank the author for not putting the main ship together only at the end like others did.  I know that is more “fun” [you mean: torturing and heart-gripping?] when A and B like each other but bumps in the road prevent them from actually being together and be a couple, but believe me, not everybody is willing to wait 3-4 books to see their favorite ones hold hands and say: “she’s my girl/he’s my boy”. For me, I can wait enough as long as the story is interesting, but I also have limits. When you build up UST between A and B, then let them kiss! And that is what C.J. Daugherty did.

The main couple (well, main to me because I don’t know with whom Allie ends up with after the 5th book, but I can guess, hehe) is literally the couple I have been looking for since the last book!couple I loved. Allie is a relatable character and believable, but I didn’t appreciate some of her choices, although I admit she is the kind of female character that decides for herself despite the men around her try to be controlling [Sylvain, I’m looking at ya]. I can understand how much she struggles with panic attacks because I also had some, and I love how Carter [:wub:] tries to help her. I hope that in the next books there is more about Carter’s experience with the attacks, since he said he also suffered in the past. He is a complex character, maybe more than Allie, and sometimes I can’t understand him but OH GEE, I really love him. Perhaps he can be too possessive at times because he feels Sylvain’s determination to get what he wants and doesn’t want him to work his charms on Allie for good, but he is a good fellow.

Tomorrow I think I’m gonna start the second book, “Legacy“, if I am not too tired from studying Spanish for an exam. I hope that it will be as exciting as this one, because I really need good books in my life, they stimulate my creativity. See you very soon (I hope!). Good night! ❤

RATING: 5/5 stars


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