Book Review: Chronicle of a Death Foretold by Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez

22312238Premise: I had to read this book for my spanish exam, and the cover I put is from the edition I have.

Chronicle of a Death Foretold is probably one of the most famous books of Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez and of the literature of XX century. It is a unique and real story that charms the reader until the end, thanks to the way the author deals with the facts he is describing.

The Plot: Santiago Nasar will die, this is for certain. All the city, a place near the coast of Caribbean sea, knows it. Everyone does it, but him. And while he is getting ready to go see the bishop that will pass with his big ship, the twins Pedro and Pablo Vicario are getting the knives to finish him, and they are waiting for his arrival in the shop of the main piazza. But what has Santiago done for them to ponder to kill him?

Comment: We know that Santiago Nasar will die since the first opening phrase. The author starts with describing who he is and what he does, then he interrupts the narration to talk about another character that is important for the story. He names everyone, because this story really happened and he is writing about it more than twenty years later. The reason I gave for his tragic book, is that not only he wanted to let people know about what happened, he also wanted to give a decent closure to this man he knew. Nasar was a person that lived in Manaure like him, and he knew all of the people that “joined” his death. I say join, because everyone knew about it, and they didn’t say a word to the man himself, because they believed somebody else would have done it. It was unavoidable. Even the twins who stabbed him several times said they didn’t know why they did it, but found it just because they were defending their sister’s honor. Right, because Angela Vicario, who was not “pure” when she married her husband, was found out and pointed her finger at Santiago as the one who had sealed the deal. The author never discovered who was the one who did it for sure, and I also guess Angela hid it to protect the real identity of this person, and named Nasar because he was a known playboy, so to speak, and he was also from a “foreign” family. Santiago’s father was arabian, and his family was very rich. Could it be racism that lead to this unjust death? No idea.


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